July 12, 1955 - Oct. 18, 1989

Comments/Additional Pictures: Randy C. Smart


All dressed up as if in the 50s for a costume party, Her and I pose in the living room of her parent's house on Corral Hollow Rd. in Tracy for a picture commemorating the event.

The Hoyts certainly stood on ceremony.

Kathy had many many friends in Tracy, having lived there her whole life. I was just tagging along and meeting wonderful people.

Christmas 1973

Liz, Cindy, Kathy and Randy enjoy Christmas eve at her grandfather, Frank's house near the high school in Tracy.

I was always a little on edge as my father had really given it to Frank over the issues with us living on commercially zoned property. I don't know why Frank was involved other than he was the kind of County Supervisor that just listened when people got all worked up and learned.

But Frank never mentioned it to me at all.

After helping her father, Bob, dig a doughboy pool into their backyard on Corral Hollow, we cool off as the pool slowly fills.

I remember Larry Curtis helped a lot on this project. It was good to have a civil engineer friend to impress the potential father-in-law.

I also remember it was Kristie that bought the pool.

Holding Zig Zag, a keeshond a girlfriend of Kathy's gave to me

The picture was taken at my parent's place on Byron Road in Tracy.

I was into black and wite photography atthat point and snapped this great picture.

Zig Zag was a cute and wonderful dog but he couldn't handle being tied up during the days. One day my dad came home and he had chocked to death, haveing wrapped his chain up so tight.

Poor Zig Zag.

Zig Zag did grow up though.
At my parents house on Byron Road in Tracy.

When Kathy and I were dating, I was in the Air Force. This was during the Viet Nam war. I got stationed at Travis Air Force Base near Fairfield for my whole time. That is, once I finished basic training and technical school in Texas.

I worked a fairly regular schedule and got most weekends off. I stayed in the barracks during the week, heading home just as soon as I could get off on Friday.

After each weekend, I would have to tear myself away from her and head back to Travis.

I would write her a letter on Monday and Tuesday and get it in the mail so she could get it by Thursday and read it before I called her on Thursday evening.

This is a card I made for her birthday, July 12, 1973. She would have been 18.

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