July 12, 1955 - Oct. 18, 1989

Comments/Additional Pictures: Randy C. Smart


We formally announced our engagement at an outdoor party given by Mary at their house in Tracy. Posing here for a professional photographer, a picture is made for the announcement in the Tracy Press.

This was the first time the parents met. In spite of all my anxiety over it, they all got along famously. I have to say that all the parents laid aside their religious differences and respected the love we had for each other.

There were others who thought a Mormon marrying a Catholic was the very recipe for disaster.

Tracy Press - Engagement

The wedding shower. Shown is Helen and Kristie.

On February 2, 1974--a beautiful day--Kathy married Randy C. Smart at St. Bernards Catholic Church in Tracy, California.

A reception was held at the Masonic Lodge after which the couple departed for a honeymoon in Lake Tahoe.

Undoubtably the best day of my life. All my friends and family gathered in our honor and having a wonderful time. A guy couldn't have found a more beautiful bride than I did.

Tracy Press - Wedding

Kathy and her mother, preparing for the wedding.

Bob paid for everything including these excellent professional pictures. Mary was in her element and this was the first of her four children to get married and at such a young child. What ever possessed her to trust her daughter to this Air Force guy, I'll never know.

The wedding party (l-r):

Ed, Karen, Judy Brown, Don Bias, Kathy, Randy, Larry Curtis, Kristie, Gary Smart, Vicky Davis.

It's just too bad that we all can get together regularly and talk about old times.

Oh, the wonderful memories of a day one can never forget!

In the spirit of the wedding, let me just propose a toast:

To everyone who has taken the time to look at these pictures--a long and happy life!