July 12, 1955 - Oct. 18, 1989

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[A drawing I did of her shortly after we were married]

Kathy was an amazing lady. God loved her so much he couldn't wait to call her home in spite of the efforts we all put towards keeping her with us.

From the beginning, there was something about her that captured hearts. Throughout her life, she inspired those around her to be their best. She believed in God and loved her family dearly. Her capacity to love had no limits. There were few bounds to who or what she cared about.

She put her intelligence to work helping others but always from deep within. She cared for all beings, no matter their faults. She saw abnormalities as the nature of character. Her reverence for others made her keen never to cause anyone harm. She was a beautiful person who made others feel they were the center of the world.

A passionately devoted mother, she did everything in her power to help her children to be their best. She networked with other mothers and professionals to share and enhance all children's abilities in the widest possible sense. It was during these years that she realized the satisfaction she received when teaching.

She suffered for years due to Lupus--rhumatoid arthritis providing severe pain to every joint and crippling her hands. And, from time-to-time, other horrible inflictions were visited upon her frail little body. Her case drew a great deal of attention within the local medical community but she eventually was referred to Standford Hospital in Palo Alto.

She never complained nor did she let much stop her. She never lost faith in the power of knowledge, a positive approach, and hard-fought well-considered action.

She returned to college during a remission, hoping to realize her goal of teaching children. Just as she starting to bring home excellent grades, the disease relapsed. She soon succumbed and Lupus took her in the prime of her short life. ~~Randy C. Smart


To say Kathy had a great impact on me is a vast understatement. Maybe this collection of interactive slides will provide some idea of the depth that she touched my soul.~~Randy

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Why a Sand Dollar?

I made this "movie" for a class at Cal Poly and "In My Pocket" was part of the instructor's spec. I wouldn't put a sand dollar in my pocket because I know what happens to them there. The part about the sand dollar was actually related to me by my best friend Larry Curtis, who had it roll up at his feet shortly after her death.



She gave a lot of cards to other for their birthdays, etc. Sometimes she wrote long letters in them.

Download pdf collection (with a few of her cards)