July 12, 1955 - Oct. 18, 1989

Comments/Additional Pictures: Randy C. Smart


Here she is all ready for bed, sitting on the couch.

Kathy is all dressed up.

At three and 1/2 years old ( Feb. 1959), she got the Chicken Pox.



Breakfast time!

Kathy grew up in a culture of advancing technolgy. She learned her way around the kitchen, starting early.

Someone got a new dress!

Sharing a moment with little sister, Karen.

1961 - I'm guessing but I think this was kintergarten when Kathy would have been about five. She went to parocial school at St. Patricks in Tracy. Here is a drawing of her and a nun that she made when younger.

1962 - First grade when Kathy would have been about seven.

She and her siblings were photographed with Santa:

1963 - Second grade when Kathy would have been about eight.

She received First Holy Communion in St. Anthony Church in Manteca, California.

1964 - Third grade when Kathy would have been about nine.

In 1964, she participated in the Mardi Gras program/St. Anthony's Talent Show where she, Frank Dickman, Gregory Burge, Billy Matas, and Monica Beach did a pantomine they called The Happy Harmonica. Her sister, Kristie did a puppet pantomine called Dominique.

This year (Dec. 1964), she also got the mumps.

1965 - Fourth grade when Kathy would have been about ten.

Mother and daughter arriving home on a winter day. Kathy is probalby carrying Mary's satchel.

This could also be on the way to work/school.

1966 - This must be her graduation from St. Bernards. Kathy would have been eleven years old.