SWEENEY ALLEY 1975 - 1977

The term "Sweeney Alley" has morphed over the years into the Sweeney Alligators, representing those closest to each other during the days when they were going to Cal Poly and hanging out at the place on Sweeney Lane in San Luis Obispo. The house is still there but it would be hard to imagine the same happenings there today.

I first dropped in there on the second trip to the SLO area from Oakland visiting Larry who had moved over from an apartment he had near Poly. This would have been in late 1974 or early 1975. We ended up moving down there in September 1975 and hung out there until I guess it was 1977.

(photo provided by Bruce)

Larry came into everyone in SLO’s life with the creation of Sweeney Alley. The original inhabitants were Le, Rich Hess (my roommate in Pismo Beach for 3 months) & myself. We figured we need a 4th roommate to be able to afford rent and advertised. Larry responded and after a brief huddled discussion among the 3 of us, we let him move in. He said he’d move in the next day around 5 PM. He didn’t call, 6, 7, 8 and I think  finally around 10 PM he showed up with everything he owned in the back of his PU truck.

We moved in sometime in Dec 74 and Rich moved out unannounced over a 3 day weekend in May while everyone was away.   Enter Dave Landeck’s friend Steve Vaningan.  I left for the summer and came back in the fall.  I left Sweeney after spring 1976 to regroup, work and decide what to do with my life.  I came back for spring quarter 1977 but did not move back in. I was a frequent visitor though. I’m not sure if Don Miller or Sandy Woods was the next one in…

I hope this fills in some more blanks.


November 19, 1976 - Jerry Garcia Band - Pismo Theater

Most of Sweeney Alley showed up for a concert produced by Dennis Kota. Jerry Garcia played a couple of shows at Rose Garden/Pismo Theater Pismo Beach, California.


September 1990 - The wedding of Dennis and Jackie in SLO.



l-r: Le Harkrider, Dave Landeck, Maureen Landeck, Elaine Corpuz and Robin Harkrider

1995 Lake Tahoe - Don Miller, Bruce Reznick & Larry at the Sweeney Reunion.
WHEN / WHERE: Sue Heinen, Daniel Corpuz, Elaine Corpuz, Robin Harkrider at on eof the Sweeney Reunions.
Don Miller remembers: --- As to his [Larry's] wedding to Lorrene, I received a telephone call the day or night before the actually wedding. Larry calling to tell us he was getting married. Typical, Larry, lets do this right now..We jumped in the truck the next morning, made the wedding at Lorrene's folks home, with about an hour to spare... We were the only Sweeny Family to attend and I think the only people on Larry's side, but not 100% sure. After the wedding they set straight out on the move to Utah...They had rented a large truck & were towing a VW bug...Larry could not get the VW lights to work with the truck lights...we spent hours in the parking lot of a park rewiring the bug lights to work with the trucks...in typical Larry style, "What me worry?"  They called when they got to Utah....the trip went without a hitch.....