George Clapp (1817 - 1874)

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George Clapp was born on February 8, 1817 3 in Randolph county, North Carolina to John Clapp and Catherine Turknett. 1

b. ~1915 2 1 Are these actual sources?

Around 1822, his family moved to what is now Edgar county, Illinois from North Carolina with ten children, including George. He would become a farmer and a preacher associated with the Primitive Baptists. 1


Source: March 1996 Issue of the
Clapp Newsletters 1994 - 1999
(rework by Ancestor-Rescue)

Marriage with Eliza White

George married Eliza Jane White on May 27, 1835 1 in Paris, Edgar county, Illinois. [Vol SA Page 26 Lic No SA411]

Married 28 May 1835 Edgar Co IL by J. Anglin, J.P.[Bk LA p102] 2
Married 27 May 1835 [Index] Edgar County Illinois [marriages] compiled by Phillip L. Shutt 1964, p7: George Clapp and Eliza White. 2

The John Clapp home at the time of this marriage was near the border between Edgar and Clark, but a good deal east of Coles county.--Naomi Emmich Map

Eliza was born on January 10, 1816 3 in South Carolina.

Children with Eliza



  William Patterson Mar 23, 1836 1 2 3
Edgar co., IL
1875 2 m. Nancy Ann Darnall (b. 12-23-1841) 2-12-1860 1 Family Info
  James H. 2 Feb. 7, 1838 1 3
Edgar co., IL
>1900 2 m. Emily J.


Nov 14, 1839 1 2 3
Edgar co., IL
Mar 19,1922 2
Longview, IL
m. Jacob Hanley/Hanely
  John Dec 10, 1841 1 2 3
Edgar co., IL
1880 2 m. Mary S. Hoover
  Margaret 1844 1 2 3
Edgar co., IL See page
1909 2
Port, OK See page
m. James Moses Smart
  Martha Louise 2 (Louisa/Eliza) Dec 22, 1847 1 3
Clark co., IL
Nov 1916
Washita co., OK
m. Samuel Marion Darnall

Chesterfield 2

Feb. 4, 1848 1 3
Clark co., IL
Aug 30, 1916 2
Blessing, TX

m. Mary Alice Cave

I have a hard copy of his probate records--Randy

  Sarah Ellen 2 Feb. 5, 1850 1 2 3
  Cassabeiner (Cass) 2 ~ 1852 2

bef 1879 2

The 1860 Census show Cassabeiner as male.
Why not listed on probate?

  Missouri "Jane" 2 Dec 4, 1854 (twin)

aft 1860 2

According to the 1860 Census, Missouri is a male.
Why not listed on probate?


George Washington 1 2

Dec 4, 1854 (twin) 3
1930 2

m. Francis A. Davis

Why is he not in the 1960 Census?

Eliza Passes

Eliza died between the birth of her last child late in 1854 and early 1855, when George remarried. She is buried in Rays Mill, Collins co., Texas per Frances Pafford (deceased).

Ronnie Smart hunted for her grave but never found it. Not on Find-A-Grave.

It seems likely she died as a complication of giving birth to twins after having at least 9 children. How did George managed to go off to Missouri, buy land, find a bride, get married, and sell land? Could it be that one of the twins was kept by relatives--maybe years? Randy

Marriage with Sarah Brown

George married Sarah Louisa Ann "Louisy" Brown on December 24, 1855 1 2 3 in Moniteau county, Missouri. 2 It was a double marriage ceremony with Permelia R. Brown marring John Eades. 2

Sarah was born in 1830 in Bedford county, Tennessee 1 the daughter of James J. Brown (~1800 - ~1846) and Nancy M. Allen (~1800 - ~1880).

Moniteau County Missouri record Book II, p190 George Clapp and Sarah LA Brown, 24 Dec 1855, same date John Eades and Permelia R. Brown, both performed by William Apperson JP 2

In 1869 she signed the quit claim paperwork 2 (see steps) as Sarah Louisey Ann Clap. See her in the 1860 Census

Children with Sarah

Ruth Clapp thought (in 1977) that Sarah had children from a previous marriage. But, then, she said she wasn't familiar with all of George's children. 2

  Andrew Jackson (Jack) May 1, 1857 1 2 3 MO

1912 2


Why isn't he on the 1860 Census?
m. Hannah Wagoner b. 1864

Henry Harvey 2

Photo: Marion Fairbarin of Jefferson, Iowa.
Donna Eatherton has better version.

Sept. 4, 1859 13 MO

1934 2


Shows up on the 1860 Census as a 4 year old male
m. Mary Elizabeth Brooks b. 1857
  Nancy Jane Oct 25, 1860 13   Not listed on probate? Not on 1870 Census. Not on 2

Permelia Orlena (Lena)

Apr 12, 1862 1 2 3 1934 2 m. Samuel Dunwoody b. 1855
  Thomas Allen July 20, 1864 1 2 3 19442 m. Fedella Mapes b. 1877
  Leonard Johnson 1 1866 2 1941 2 Skipped in the Clapp Family Record
m. Bertha Irene Brothwell b. 1871
  Sarah L. Nov 22, 1869 13   Not listed on probate? Not on 1870 Census

Rosa 1- Pictured above with sister

~ 1870 2 > 1941 2 m. William Pyle b. 1866

Tracing Their Steps



On August 7, the 1820 Census enumerator found his father, John in Orange county, NC with one son and 4 daughters.


1823 land purchase in Palestine District IL,  states resident of Crawford Co IL,  --Naomi Emmich


1827 record of ear mark for cattle filed in Edgar County Illinois.--Naomi Emmich


Edgar county Illinois Census 2 The 1830 Census enumerator found his father, John in Edgar county, Illinois with 9 children.



?or 1838? Arthur Lamb and his wife Mary sell George Clapp (all in/of Edgar county) 40 acres (SW qtr of SE qtr sec 11 12N 13W) of Palestine land for $150. The John Clapp homeplace was nearby in Section 10.


Land patent Douglas twp Clark county, IL, Palestine Land District, Nov. says resident Clark county while Dec. patent says resident Edgar co., Il.2


1839 Edgar Co George Clapp and Eliza sell to John Kime of Edgar county, the land George had purchased from Arthur Lamb.2


On October 10th, 1839, George (and who?) bought two 40-acre parcels next to each other in Palestine, IL. source


Edgar county Illinois Census 2 The 1840 Census enumerator found his father, John in Edgar county, Illinois with 8 children.



On August 22nd the 1850 Census enumerator found George, 35, a farmer with $50 in real estate, in Clark co., Illinois living with 34 year-old Eliza White and these children (all born in IL):

William 15 M
James 13 M
Mandana 11 F
John 9 M
Margaret 7 F
Louisa 3 F
Chesterfield 1 M


George and Eliza sell land in Clark county, Illinois to Robert Wilson on April 26. Both signed the deed. 2


On July 3rd, the state census enumerator found the family in Westfield, Clark county, Illinois: 5 males: one>10, one 10-20, one 30-40 and 3 females: 2>10, 1 30-40.


George (no wife mentioned) bought land in Moniteau county, Missouri in June from David Scott. 2


George and Sarah sell land in Moniteau county, Missouri to Theodore Dickenson. 2


On July 2nd the 1860 Census enumerator found George, 41, a farmer with $375 in real estate, in Coles co., Illinois living with 34 year-old Sarah Brown and these children--the first 7 b. IL, 3 b. MO:

James 23 M laborer
Mandala 21 F domestic
John 19 M laborer
Margaret 17 F domestic
Eliza 15 F
Chesterfield 13 M
Sarah E. 11 F
Cass 9 M
Missouri 7 M
Henry 5 M

This census was enumerated in Coles county--East Oakland is in the northeast corner of Coles county, bordering Edgar County.--Naomi Emmich

1862 Bought land in Coles Co IL from Betty Turner: Jaynes, Harold on February 11. 2 land records index Book 8, p469
1865 On July 3rd, the state census enumerator found the family in East Oakland, Coles county, Illinois.
1866 George Clapp sell land to Joseph Clapp on November 6 in Coles Co IL for $1200. Book 19 p155 2
1867 Moved to Oak Creek, Nebraska to homestead in a covered wagon. There were still a lot of Indians on the prairie. They arrived in Section 22. Filed in 1872 (below).

According to Cox's History of Seward County Nebraska he preached the first sermon in the old log school house in 1867. 1

1869 Quit Claim filed on land of John Clapp, father of George, in Edgar county, IL on March 1. George sent sworn statement from Seward Co NE 2

On June 21st the 1870 Census enumerator found George, 51, farming in Oak Grove/Milford, Seward county, Nebraska. He was living with 40 year-old Sarah and these children:

Casabienca 17 F b. MO
George W. 16 M b. IL
Andrew J 14 M b. MO
Henry H. 11 M b. IL
Permelia 7 F b. IL
Thos A 6 M b. IL
Leonard J 4 M b. IL
Rosa 3Mos., b. NE


A schoolhouse was built in the spring at the SW corner in Dwight where George would do the first preaching there on October 29. Cox's History of Seward County Nebraska. 1



George received a homestead patent on 160 acres [SE 1/4 section 4 in Township 12N of range 4E] in Seward county, Nebraska that he had lived on since June 24, 1867.


George and Sarah Lowsy Ann Clapp sold the SE 1/4 in T12 in Seward county on August 12th to John Wolff for $1550. and moved Dwight to be near William P. Clapp.


George bought the homestead of Arthur C. and Emily Albright in Butler county on September 20. 2



NE Butler county - George dies November 6. Probate #40 and land records, partition of dower, 1879, District Court Journal 6 Jul 1893 through 2 Jan 1894, and referees deed 9 Jan 1894.  NE Butler county quit claim, 1887, Rail Road Right of Way, naming Sarah and minor children, residing in Merrick Co NE probate snippet


Probate records, Butler Co Nebraska, return address- Lone Star Summary of Probate by Naomi Emmich 2


Butler county, Nebraska Census 2



According to the census in Butler county, Nebraska: Sarah and Jack both have farms in Richardson pct. George Washington living in Plum Creek pct. Leonard working in Rising City, Reading pct. Permelia and Samuel Dunwoody in Richardson pct. 2

  1887 The railroad was extended to Dwight in Butler County, Nebraska quit claim, 1887, Rail Road Right of Way, naming Sarah A. Clapp and minor children, residing in Merrick Co NE misc. notes from Mrs. Anna McElravy of David City, Nebraska. Deed Book 24, p56.2
  1889 Butler county Atlas (from Anna McElravy) Sarah Clapp owns land [NE 53 + A of NW4 Sec 18 Richardson]. George Washington Clapp was living in Sec 36 Plum Creek.


George Clapp died suddenly on November 6, 1874 in Lone Star 2, Butler co., Nebraska 5 of a heart attack after he worked in the field all day. 2

Naomi has Butler county documents?

George was buried at a cemetery on land donated by son, William Clapp. Now abandoned. 2
His grave not located on Find-A-Grave.

Sarah (Brown) Clapp died at her home on December 5, 1892 near Dwight, Butler county, Nebraska. 2 Source: Court records in Butler re: disp. of inherited land.

Her grave not located on Find-A-Grave.

Nomi's George Clapp Report 2 contains a breakdown of the probate records for Sarah Clapp. Summary of Probate by Naomi Emmich


  1 Naomi Emmich's Clips from her George Clapp Narrative - contains info. on probate of Sarah Clapp's estate.
  2 George Clapp Report Naomi Emmich's - overlaps with above.

The George Clapp Family Record - A hand-written recap of the significant dates for the George Clapp and James Smart families. This was provided to my Dad, Ralph Smart in the 1960/70s by Frances (nee Smart) Pafford (1887-1975), who did the most research of these families of anyone in her generation and these dates are proving very accurate. She might have had access to bibles and other information not found since. Her records might have been passed on to Marion and Dorothy Pafford. In 2004, they had many of the original family pictures.--Randy

  4 Steve Clapp - (Larry Steven Clapp) Steve has (on what looks like new information on the Clapp immigration to America. Maybe more. Follow-up on this?
  5 Donna Eatherton : 200 SW 144th in Beaverton, OR 97006 to Ralph W. Smart. She is involved in the history of George Clapp and his second wife, Sarah Brown.
  6 Claudia Cameron May, 2002 Immigration notes.
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