John Clapp (1783 - 1867)


John Clapp was born January 17, 1783 in Guilford county, North Carolina near the Clapp Church 1 to John and Sarah Clapp.

His name appears only as "John" in census, tax, land and probate records filed after his death, naming his heirs, formally and legally.--Naomi Emmich

Marriage - Turknett

John married Catherine Turknett 4 on January 20, 1807 1 in Asheboro, Randolph county, North Carolina 1.

Catherine was born in 1792 in Georgia. 1 Her father was Jacob Turkenett Sr. b. ~1760 d. ~1822 in Putnam county, Georgia. Jacob married Barbara (b. ~1765). 1
Jacob Turknett left a will in Georgia on July 10, 1816, calling out a daughter as Catey Clapp and later as Mary Clapp.

The marriage license is lost but Naomi supplied an index m. January 20, 1808 4

Torginetz / Ternantz - German / Penn. Dutch

Children with Catherine


Quit Claim

Born Died Notes/Marriage/Family
  Joseph 4


April 27, 1808 4
April 27, 1807 (ne)
Randolf co., NC

May 28, 1890
Edgar Co., IL
b. Shields Cemetery Find-A-Grave

m. Lydia Handley November 9, 1826 Edgar Co., IL 4 [Vol SA Page 5 Lic No SA63]

m. Mrs. Sarah Dickson September 21, 1873 in Edgar county, Illinos [Vol B Page 122]

  Levi 4


April 27, 1808
Randolf co., NC
March 27, 1839
Clark Co. IL

m. Mary (Polly) Burrows February 25, 1826 Edgar Co., IL 4 [Vol SA (LA20) Page 4 Lic No SA48]

Twin to Joseph 4



bef 1810
Randolf co., NC

~ 1826 Edgar Co., IL
1825 (ne)

m. Reason (Resin/Rezin) Crist January 4, 1825 Edgar Co., IL [Vol SA Page 2 Lic No SA23]


Randolf co., NC
Died young without issue m. Arthur Lamb September 8, 1828 Edgar Co., IL [Vol SA Page 8 Lic No SA115]


1812 NC ~ 1830
Edgar Co., IL
m. John Lamb February 5, 1829 Edgar Co., IL [Vol SA page 9 Lic. No. SA125B]
  Edmund 4


1814 NC

1813 NC 4

aft 1850 bef. 1867 m. Martha (Patsy) Wood October 21, 1836 Clark Co., IL 4 Children: Amanda m. Andrew Ketts April 11, 1856 Calrk co., IL, Emily m. Henry Dodd April 12, 1856, Ellen m. Samuel Flint October 23, 1857, Martha m. John McAdams Oct. 12, 1865 Edgar co., IL 4


1816 NC
~1817 (ne)
~ 1837 m. Samuel Handley July 28, 1835 Edgar Co., IL [Vol SA page 27 Lic No SA422]
  George 4


1817 1874 See his page
  John H. 4


March 15, 1820 NC
March 1, 1820 (ne) 4
November 5, 1877
Hindsboro, IL
b. Union Cemetery, Morgan twp, Coles Co IL
m. Eliza Jane Neal October 19, 1845 Carlisle, IN 4
  Sarah Maloney 4


March 15, 1820 NC 4

November 8, 1912 CA
Burial: Vandalia Cem
Porterville, CA

m. Reason Wilson (1805-1877) August 4, 1839 Clark Co., IL 4 Shown as Reason Williams (in error) on Quit Claim.
  William 4


April 6, 1822 4
Clark Co., IL

September 21, 1907 4
Lost Nation, Clinton co., IA 4
b. Smithtown Cemetery, Sharon twp, Clinton Co IA

m. Naomi (Naomy) Jaynes July 24,1842 Clark Co., IL

M. Naoma Jones 4


Reason 4


Yes Again?

1826 IL
Sept. 6, 1825 Edgar co., IL (ne)
September 5, 1905
Humphrey, Sullivan Co MO

m. Sumillia Boils Octover 3, 1844 in Edgar co., IL 4 [Vol SA (LA184) Page 73 Lic No SA1160]: Martha, Rebecca, Michael, Lovina, Elsbury, Nancy.
m. Nancy Albertson Jenkins August 4, 1839 in Edgar Co. 4 Nancy born November 7, 1840 Floyd Co., IN. Father George Washington Jenkins Mother Elisabeth (nee Adkins). Children: John, born September 1, 1865 Cole Co., IL, was Attn. in Milan, Sullivan Co., MO Died 6 Jan 1922 in Milan. burred 7 Jan 1922 Oakwood Cem., Milan, MO. Maretta, Rosella, Emma, Margaret, Charles Newton, Edmund "Lee."Nancy d. February 26, 1917 in Bowman, Sullivan Co., MO Organic Heart Disease.



1827 Edgar co., IL   Andrew Deshay March 31, 1851 Clark Co., IL

* Quit claim documents (filed 1860s - 1880s) allow us a legal reconstruction of the family/heirs. The full package of legal documents from Naomi Emmich are linked here (as sent). Applicable pages linked to the individuals.

Catherine Passes

Catherine died abt 1827 (aft 9-6-1825) in Clark county, Illinois. [DID SHE BEAR ANY TWINS?]

Nothing found on Find-A-Grave

Marriage - Mrs. Elizabeth Biddlecum

John married Elizabeth Biddlecum on October 25, 1828 in Edgar county, Illinois. [Vol SA Page 8 Lic No SA118] The ceremony was conducted by James Adams, JP.

Born Elizabeth Rogers in Kentucky on May 16, 1807, she married a Biddlecum prior to marrying John Clapp. Mr. Biddlecum died???

Children with Elizabeth

    Quit Claim Born Died Notes/Marriage/Family
  Catherine 4


January 9, 1830
Edgar co., IL

October 29, 1909 Bement, Piatt Co IL
b. Decatur, IL 
b. Harshbarger Cemetery, Unity twp Piatt Co IL

m. Richard Harvey Alexander 4 November 28, 1849 Edgar Co. IL [Vol SA page 103 Lic No SA1643]: Thomas Jefferson, Mary Alice, William E., James Harvey, Emma Jane.
  Martha 4


~1830 IL   m. Robert A. Wright Oct 21, 1855 Coles Co., IL 4




~1838 IL    
  James Monroe 4


March 16, 1841, Edgar co., IL
March 7, 1841 Grandview (ne)

December 25, 1916 n Piatt Co I

b. Harshbarger Cemetery Piatt Co IL

m. Emily 4 Jane Crane (1847-1932) Piatt Co., IL : James Albert, Katheryn Find-A-Grave
  Mary Elizabeth


Edgar co., IL

Born 1822 per 1860 Census?


Elizabeth Passes


Elizabeth Rogers died June 3, 1894 in Piatt county, Illinois.


She is buried in Lake Fork/Harshbarger Cemetery in Piatt county, Illinois.

Her son James M. Clapp, is buried next to to her. Her daughter, Catherine Alexander is also buried there.

Marriage - Taylor

John married Mary Elizabeth (Butes) Taylor on May 31, 1851 in Edgar Co., Illinois. [Vol LA Page 224 Lic No SA1805] Mary was born January 1, 1827 in Indiana.


Child with Mary

  Quit Claim Born Died Notes/Marriage/Family
Mary Ann 4


b. March 13, 1948

b. 1851 1860 Census

November 26, 1933 in Joplin, Jasper co., MO
Burial: Galena, Kansas

m. Nelson Steepleton June 10, 1866 Edgar Co., IL 4 [Vol B Page 66]
  Daniel M. 4


1854 Edgar (ne)

aft 1868


m. Lavina (Louvina?) 1860 Census

Lived in Joplin, Jasper county, MO 4

  David W. 4


~1863 Edgar co., IL

1856 Edgar co., IL 4

aft 1885  
  Mary E. 4


~ 1863

1851/2 Edgar co., IL 4

aft 1885 m. John S. Crain 4




Tracing Their Steps


The 1810 Census enumerator found John in Randolph county, NC with wife and two children.

  1815 The Tax List in Randolph county, NC shows John owning 200 acres on Sandy Creek.
  1820 The 1820 Census....?
  1821/2 Moved NC to IL following the death of his father.
1822 John Clapp, Junr. sold 160 acres on Rocky River, in Randolph county, NC to Joseph Staley on February 18, 1822 for $550. Deed
  1823 John Clapp, a resident of Crawford county, Illinois. was granted a Homestead Deed on 80 acres in the Palestine District, Crawford county, Illinois (Sect. 15 Town13N Range12W) on July 17 by James Monroe. Map Patent
  1824 John Clapp "of Crawford County" bought 5 pieces of land totaling 640 acres on July 27, 1824 in Edgar county, Illinois [PM2/Town13N] at the Palestine Land Office. Land Records
  1826 John Clapp "of Edgar County" bought 80 acres on April 5, 1826 in Edgar county, Illinois [PM2/T13N/R12W] at the Palestine Land Office. Land Records
  1827 John registered an ear mark in Edgar county, Illinois on May 24, 1827. Him or his father?
  1828 John Clapp sold his homestead to Griffin? (land record index from Naomi) DOCUMENTATION?
  1830 The 1830 Census enumerator found John Clap in Edgar county, Illinois with 9 children 15 or under. John's age 40-50.
  1834 John Clapp "of Edgar County" bought 4 pieces of land totaling 240 acres on February 20, 1833 in Edgar county, Illinois [PM2/T12N/R13W] at the Palestine Land Office. Land Records

1835 Edmond Clapp sells John Clapp 40 acres in Edgar county, Illinois SE1/4SW1/4 S10 T12 R13. This land became the John Clapp homeplace and quite claims would be filed on it after his passing. (DOCs/Date?)

1837 John Clapp bought Lot 16 S16 T12N R13W in Edgar county, Illinois.
  1840 The 1840 Census enumerator found John in Edgar county, Illinois with 8 children.
1850 The 1850 Census enumerator found John (50 years old) living in Clark county, Illinois with his son Reason and a Lovina Elledge (40). Wife in Piatt co., IL? ???IS THIS CENSUS RIGHT???
1855 The 1855 state census enumerator found John Clapp living in Edgar county, Illinois on July 3, 1855.
  1860 The 1860 Census enumerator found John farming in Grandview Township, Edgar county, Illinois on August 27, 1860 with Mary E. 38, Mary A. 9 and Daniel M. 4.
  1865 Not found in Edgar co., Illinois on state census search.

John Passes

John died in 1867 in Edgar county, Illinois at the age of 85. He is buried in the Old Goshen Cemetery. Find-A-Grave d. 1867 4

John did not leave a will.

Naomi shows d. bef. 1865 (Mary remarrying?)

Life After John

1865 In 1865, Mr. Mary E. Clapp married Ziwel/Zurel Barrett in Edgar county, Illinois [Vol B Page 58] (Not found in Edgar co., Illinois on state census search)
1868 On January 3, Joshua M. Doing paid Mary E. Clapp $100 for signing an Indenture releasing interest in the 80 acres John left in Edgar county (Sect. 10 Town12N Range13W).
1868-9 After John passed, Charles H. Kemper and Joshua M. Doing, owners of adjacent property, procured quit claims from John's heirs for their interests in the 80 acres John left behind in Edgar County, IL (Sect. 10 Town12N Range13W). The quit claim documents from Naomi Emmich (as sent).

Mary signed over all claims to the 80 acres John left in Edgar county (Sect. 10 Town12N Range13W) to neighbor, C. H. Kemper, for $50. Mary's Quit Claim

  Mary died in Illiniois. 4


  1 Naomi Emmich's Clips from her George Clapp Narrative - contains info. on probate of Sarah Clapp's estate.
  2 George Clapp Report Naomi Emmich's - overlaps with above.

The George Clapp Family Record - A hand-written recap of the significant dates for the George Clapp and James Smart families. This was provided to my Dad, Ralph Smart in the 1960/70s by Frances (nee Smart) Pafford (1887-1975), who did the most research of these families of anyone in her generation and these dates are proving very accurate. She might have had access to bibles and other information not found since. Her records might have been passed on to Marion and Dorothy Pafford. In 2004, they had many of the original family pictures and her files.--Randy

  4 Family group sheet for John Clapp. Supplied by Donna Eatherton.