Johnston Edgar (1795 - 1859)


Johnston Edgar was born July 11, 1795 in Barren county, Kentucky to John Edgar and Elizabeth Cummins.

Johnston's father, John, fought in the Revolutionary War and was a prominent figure around New Jersey.

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Marriage - Harness

Johnston married Susannah F. Harness on April 20, 1817 in Barren county, Kentucky. Susannah was born June 6, 1799 in Pittsylvania county, Virginia, the daughter of Hezikiah Harness and Elizabeth Gray.

The 1820 Census tells us that, by August 7th, 1820, they had moved north to Hart county.

Children - Johnston and Susanna

The younger children are listed by name and age in the 1850 Census.

  Elizabeth Ann (Betty) April 19, 1818
Jan. 29, 1859
KY Grave
m. HICKS (George, Aulina)
  Robert H. (M.) 1819/20
  m. Nancy
  Eleanor R. May 27, 1824
July 5, 1886
MO Grave
m. SMALLWOOD (Thomas, Lovosky, Bell, Johnston, Grover, Pryor, Olga, Ethel, Dolcie)
  Jane ~1825
  m. HARRIS (Laura, James, Erma, Nancy, Ellen, Susanna)
  Hezekiah Harness Feb. 1826
Feb. 9, 1879
MO Grave
m. MORRIS (Wm., Margaret, Morris, Susanna, Robert, Virginia, Walter)
  Susanna F. Feb. 20, 1830
Nov. 27, 1851
KY Grave Obit
Died Young
  William 1830-35
  m. ? (Robert, Walter, Nan, Ida)
Uriah Gilliam Oct. 10, 1832
OK Grave
m. DONAN (John, Liddy, Joseph, Betty, Ida, Forest, Lucy, Blanch)
m. FULLER (Perry, Robert)
  Nancy B. ~1834
m. CONKLIN (Susanna, Lydie, Wm., David, Alice)
m. HUTCHINSON (Martha, Charles, Grover)
Johnston McMichael June 25, 1836
April 10, 1920
MO Grave
m. FRANKS (Malinda, Wm., Susan, James, Sylvester, Lyta, Jess, Odessa)
Margaret M. Nov. 30, 1838
April 30, 1925
OK Grave
m. MAYBERRY (Blanch, James, John)
  James Lowry Nov. 30, 183
June 17, 1880
MO Grave
m. FULLER (Adaline, Ira, Thomas, Gilliam, Samuel, Wm., Lottie, Mary "Mae")
  Paschal V. 1841
His Page
His Page
m OBANNON His Page
  Phoebe Brunette (Nettie) Sept. 1, 1843
m. MORRIS (Nina, Lucy, Maude, Leah, Sarah, George, Johnson)
Sylvester Crittenden Feb. 8, 1845
May 10, 1911
OK Grave
m. MAYBERRY (Carl, Mellie, Melvin, Kedar, Pearl, Grover, Florence) Sylvester in Ray County History [I have his pension records--Randy]

Tracing Their Steps

1810 During the US Census, Johnston would have been around 15. It is assumed he is one of the three 10-16 year old males shown in his father's listing in Barren county in central Kentucky. See Ancestors of John Edgar.
1815 On June 17th, 200 acres were granted to John Edgar in Barren county, Book G (or Book E, Nov. 15).
1819 On June 17th, 50 acres were granted to John Edgar in Hart county, Book G
1820 On August 7th, the 1820 Census found Johnston in Mumfordville, Hart county in central Kentucky.
1820 On April 18th, 100 acres in Hart county were granted to John Edgar, Book G.
1822 On September 23rd, 100 acres in Green county were granted to John Edgar on the Little Barren River watercourse, Book O.
1824 On June 21st 30 acres of land were granted to John Edgar, Book P. Where?
1830 The 1830 Census found Johnston in Hart county in central Kentucky.
1833 John Edgar, 75 years old, submitted an application in Mumfordville, Hart county, Kentucky on August 17th for a military pension from service in the Rev. War. He was awarded $80 annually.
1840 The 1840 Census found them in Hart county in central Kentucky.
1850 On September 21st, the 1850 Census found Johnston in Grayson (now Carter) county in northeast Kentucky.


Susannah passed away on December 8, 1859 in Hardin county, Kentucky. Johnston passed away there only a few days later on December 13, 1859.

Her Gravestone & Memorial

His Gravestone & Memorial

They are both buried in Moore Cemetery in Hardin county, Kentucky.

Why the dramatic difference in the headstones (they were almost buried together)?

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