Paschal V. Edgar (1841 - 1917)

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Paschal V. Edgar (Pac) was born February 6, 1841 in Munfordville, Hart county, Kentucky. He was the 12th of 14 children born to Johnston Edgar and Susannah F. Harness in Kentucky. Pension

His name was pronounced--and sometimes written as--Pascal (pronounced Pass-cal). His middle initial V was sometimes written with such flourishes that it was mistaken for a W. Some have his middle name as Wallace but without any known source.

Civil War

Five-foot eight-inch Pac served in the American Civil War enlisting in the Union Army on March 9, 1865 as a Private, F Company, 17th Regiment, Kentucky Calvary Volunteers. He was discharged 6 months later, on September 20, 1865. Pension

Randy Smart has the original picture.

Marriage - O'Bannon

Paschal married Mary Jane Paul O'Bannon on August 28, 1867 in Grayson county, Kentucky. Pension

Mary was born May 2, 1848 in Bullet county, Kentucky. Gravestone obit

Children - Paschal and Mary Jane

All these children--and no others--are detailed by name in his pension paperwork thrice/ He gave some conflicting birth dates and used nicknames somewhat inconsistently.

  Ida Bell June 15/16, 1868 Pension
Ray co., MS
Oklahoma City, OK
m. George Ferree (Louis; Edgar; Lucy; Emily; Mary; Woodrow; George; Eugene; Clancy; Clarence; Clara)
  Mary Jane "Jamie" December 1, 1871
Pension 1880 Census
Grayson co., KY
April 8, 1954
Clinton, OK
Funeral Card Obit
m. Clayborn Frazier (Mary; Ollie; Vera; Eunice; Durward; Madeline; Clayborn; Wallace; Louise)
  Susanah Eleanor Feb. 4/6, 1873 Pension
Leitchfield, Grayson co., KY
Nov.. 14, 1900
Clinton, OK
Susie Edgar, the daughter of P. V. Edgar of Hobson, died last Wednesday of Typhoid Fever. She had lived in Arapaho for the past year and was well liked by all.--Arapaho Newspaper Nov. 23, 1899/1900
James Edwin/Edward

June 15/16, 1875 Pension
Millwood, Grayson co., KY

Gravestone says 1876?
December 24, 1960
Colville, WA Obit

Jim was the only boy in a family of 7 girls. He never married.

[Joyce Phipps has legal record on his competence]

  Myrtle Olivia November 7, 1877 Pension
Leitchfield, Grayson co., KY
1972 CA m. Charles Cline (Marie; Abbie; Lester; Virginia; Emma Lou) Pension
Caroline "Carrie" April 26, 1880
Pension 1880 Census
Grayson co., KY
September 12, 1957
Ashland, OR

m. Clay Davis (Rita; Ralph; John; Harold)

Clay and Cary moved from Oklahoma to Colville around 1910 but ended up in Ashland, Oregon. Picture of oldest child, Rita Marie (Davis) Taylor

  Herbert October 7/12, 1882/3 Pension
Ray, MS
February 1, 1885
Ray, MS
Died Young
  Lora Vale 1885 MS More Pension 1969 CA More Paschal's Letters to Lora Vale
  Wilma "Bill" October 7, 1888/9 Pension
Richmond, Ray co., MS
June 15, 1956
Lebanon, OR

m. Lloyd Hobbs (Robert; Donald; Gayle; Richard; Wilma; Harold; William)

The handle "Aunt Bill" came to Wilma Temple Edgar in stages. She was known as "Willie" from childhood. Somewhere along the way, it got shorted to "Bill." The nieces and nephews took it from there.

Tracing Their Steps

1840 The 1840 Census found Paschal a small boy living with his parents in Hart county in central Kentucky.
1850 The 1850 Census finds the family moved to Grayson (now Carter) county in northeast Kentucky.
1880 On June 14, the 1880 Census enumerator found Paschal and Mary married with six children living in Refrow, Butler county in western Kentucky.
1897 Pac moved the family, by covered wagon, to a 100-acre homestead, five miles south of Stafford, within a few miles of the Smarts farm in Clinton, Oklahoma. Jim, the oldest of two sons, and his father farmed there for many years. Letter Snippit
1898 On January 15th, Paschal was awarded a war pension for his disabilities.
1900 On June 20, the 1900 Census enumerator found the entire family in Washita, Custer county, Oklahoma.
1910 On May 11, the 1910 Census enumerator found Paschal living with his daughter Willie and her family in White Lake (near Spokane), Stevens county, Washington.
1914 In 1914, Pac and Jim Edgar moved to Colville in the northeastern corner of Washington in the upper Columbia River basin. They brought 40 acres on Colville Mountain, sixteen miles north of Colville where Paschal lived out his life.
1917 Pac and Jim Edgar came to Washington with George and Lora Vale Smart sometime in the spring - Letter Snippit
1932 About 1932, Jim Edgar bought a place three miles south of Colville, Washington from his brother-in-law, Clay Davis, a carpenter.

Colville, Washington

Paschal and his son were the first of the family to move from Oklahoma to Washington. Jim Edgar, missing everyone, sent this "moon card" back to Oklahoma urging Lora and George Smart to move there. He no-doubt sent one to each sister.

Randy Smart has the original picture.



Mary Jane Paul (Obannon) Edgar died January 24, 1895 at her home in Ray county, Missouri. She is buried at Hickory Grove Cemetery in Richmond.

Mary's grave marker reflects this date as does the pension paperwork Paschal submitted. Yet on June 20, 1900 the census taker enumerated her in Washita, Custer county, Oklahoma as Pascal's wife b. May, 1853 in KY and was 47 years old.

Obit d. 1896 per her Obit


Paschal died August 30, 1917 in Colville, Stevens county, Washington and was buried in Highland Cemetery with his son, Jim.



Jim died on December 24, 1960 in Colville. He is buried at the Highland Cemetery.


James was the son of Paschal V. Edgar and Mary Jane Paul O'Banion. According to his death certificate he lived to be 84 years old and never married. Toward the end of his life he was declared "mentally incompetent". The court appointed a Mr. R. F. Chapman as his guardian and of his estate. (bio by: Joyce Edgar Phipps) 

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