Pete Kenney and Rachel Clarinda Smart

Rachel Smart married Pete Kenney on August 27th, 1893.

Pete was born in Kentucky. Rachel was 25. The Kenneys lived most of their lives in or around Clinton, although they owned land and lived south of Canadian, Texas and in Alpine, Texas for a time.

Pete Kenney bought 160 acres south and east of Clinton on Elk Creek. He raised cattle and hogs. Later he sold the ranch and moved to Clinton. Here they had a chicken hatchery.

No homesteading records found for them in the BLM database.


Rachel and Pete are buried together in the Stafford Cemetery, a few miles NW of the original homestead in Clinton.

They had two boys, Jessie Leonard and Thomas Kenney. They may have descendants still in the Clinton area.

Pictures courtesy of Janice (LeBouc) Burnett of Elk City, Oklahoma