Life In America

Scottish history relevant to our lineage

Smart family history prior to the 1770s is pieced together from statistical info and pertinent historical facts but not from actual documentation. It should be considered fiction unless sources are identified and noted. However, that fictional story (if seen only as is) allows researchers to explore family history.

1720 : William Smart

The first of our ancestors to be born in American was William, son of John Smart. He was born in Rutherford, North Carolina in 1720. His father, John Smart, Jr. would have been 57 years old at the time.

William lived his entire life in Rutherford, marrying Isabella McGaughey (she was born about 1730 in Scotland). He died sometime after the 1790 census.

Can we assume from the 1790 NC Census that Williams first son was named William and that the father then went by William, Sr.?

1745 : John Smart

William had another son, John, born in 1745 in Rutherford. It is speculated that John was the father of James Smart. It is also speculated that this is the John Smart listed in the Roster of Soldiers from NC in the American Revolution and Kings Mountain and Its Heros: History of the Battle of King's Mountain that was a patriot from Rutherford, NC and died in that battle of the American Revolution on October 7, 1780. See Kings Mountain Memorial.

Leads to follow:

1790 : First American Census

According to one index for the 1790 census: North Carolina Heads of Families, there are, among 14 Smart families, these three families (assume Sr./Jr. ties but other ties not recorded in census) that appear to be living in the same area:

I haven't been able to find page 118 and 119. However, I've located their entries on the census log sheets (linked above)

So, with the information gleaned from the census records put together in Rutherford, NC in 1790, we have this:,