Josephus Kobel (Joseph Coble) 1808 - 1880


Anthony and Anna Maria (nee Bertenberger) Kobel immigrated from Mittelmaesbach near Strasbourg (Alsace), France/Germany to Baltimore, Maryland. They took out their first Naturalization papers there the 3rd Monday of September, 1828. "Anthony Koble" (as the papers spelled his name) and his wife got their final citizenship papers on November 15, 1833 a Somerset, Perry county, Ohio. 3

The Koble family, along with the Ruff family and the Ukers settle among other German immigrate farmers that immigrated approximately the same time form the same area of Europe. These German/American farmers networked with their neighbors to raise their families. There are many references on this web site to the four counties south of Columbus, Ohio, namely: Pickaway, Fairfield, Perry and Hocking (Map)


With them came a grown unmarried son, Joseph, born December 23, 1808 in Strasbourg. Josephus Kobel (as they spelled his name (on what?) was baptized Dec. 24th in St. Blaise parish church in Mittle and Nieder maesbach (diocese of Strasbourg France) 3


The family name changed constantly with use. Spelling variations found in documents: Kobel, Koble, Kobell, Coble. The baptismal papers (get copy?) spelled it Josephus Kobel--his father as Antomi Kobel. The children of Joseph Coble and Margaret Snyder usually used Coble whereas the children of Susannah used Kobel. 3

It seems Joseph consistently used Joseph Coble--at least with officials who might have taken care how they recorded it, such as census enumerators, with family input. --Randy C. Smart

Josephus married Margaret Elizabeth Snider first in Maryland. She died in 1842 3 She may have suffered in the birth of her last child (Margaret) or had other health issues . In 1850, the census enumerator shows the neighbors (family?) George and Theresa (nee Koble?) Uker raising Margaret Coble next door.
On April 8, 1858, Josephus married Susannah Mohler, in Hocking county, Ohio. Susannah was born August 4, 1836 3 in Reading Twp., Perry co., Ohio, and later lived in Taneytown, Carrol county, (Frederick county, at that time) Maryland. Joseph was about 50 and Susannah not yet 34.
Coble Children - Joseph & Margaret 3 1850 census
Joseph b.~1834 MD 1880 Census - Living with Christian in Darby, OH.
John b. ~1836 MD?
Anne Marie (Mary) b. 1838 m. Joseph Roof
Christian b. 1840
m. Mary J. 1880 Census

Alma I., Della M., Elizabeth B., Maggie M.

Margaret Elizabeth

Margaret's Obit

Peter's Obit

b. 12-7-1841 OH

d. 3- 23-1929 OH

Raised from birth by George & Theresa/Tracy Uker
m. Peter FOERST of Circleville in 1843 in Hocking co.. They migrated to Kansas - but from c.1868-1873.  Peter Foerst's name spelled "First" in the Ottoway KS Census of 1870.  They were in Anderson Co,  Garnett also, and returned to Circleville. After her husband died,  Margaret Elizabeth Coble Foerst lived the last 22 years of her life with my grandmother's family in Columbus OH.--Joyce Kyker
Margaret (nee Coble) Foerst lived her last 22 years at 44 Martin Ave. Buried March 25, 1929 in the Circleville, Ohio  cemetery: Forest Cemetery. [LDS FHC  fn 20753  film number: 1991765  digital folder number: 4022250]

Margaret and The Uker Family

The Joseph Coble and the George Uker families lived next to each other--before and after the Civil War--in Falls Twp., Hocking county, Ohio. They may have been related or known each other before Ohio. They were certainly close to each other being German immigrants from the same area of Europe. Theresa is thought to be a Coble so that her and George may have also been Aunt and Uncle to Margaret.

Comparing the 1850 to the 1870 census (unable to find them in 1860) it seems George's age (55 in 1850 census) was actualy 35 in 1850. Therefore age 55 as shown in 1870 is correct and George is only two years older than Theresa/Tracy, instead of 22 years.

For more on Margaret & Peter Foerst, the Ukers, Foersts or Kuhns, contact Joyce Kyker -

Kobel Children - Joseph & Susannah 3

b. ~1859 OH
d. aft 1880

1870 census

b. Aug 1864 OH
d. Jan. 6, 1916 OH

1870 census

b. May 17, 1866 OH
d. Jan. 23, 1935

m. William HARTMAN 1870 census

b. June 21, 1867 OH
d. Sept. 5, 1898

m. Lafayette HILLIS (d. Aug. 9, 1891) 1870 census
m. MILLER aft. 1891 (dau. Clara MILLER b. Apr, 1896)

Theresa Agnes

b. Oct. 10, 1870 5
d. Nov. 9, 1947

m. Louis VOLLMER June 10, 1890 (b. Oct. 24, 1862, d. Aug. 17, 1946)
Anna Marie

b. Aug. 1, 1878
d. Nov, 1954

m. John CONTI

b. Sept. 18, 1879
d. Feb. 16, 1930

m. John Wesley SHULL Feb. 14, 1899
Tracing Their Steps


A land survey of Marion Township shows approx 40 acres going to Joseph Coble on April 10, 1837.
1839 On August 1, 1839 Martin Van Buren granted Joseph Coble almost 40 acres to a Joseph Coble of Perry County, Ohio.
The 1840 census found Joseph Coble in Marion, Hocking co., Ohio.
The 1840 census recorded an old and young Euker/ Uker couple living together in Falls, Hocking county, Ohio.
1850 The 1850 census shows the family living in Falls Twp., Hocking co., Ohio. Joseph Coble, 46 yrs old, laborer, b. in Germany. Two houses down, Margaret Coble (9) is living with George and Theresa Uker.

They were not found on the 1860 census @

1860 Joseph Coble was surveyed in Hocking county and said to have 2 horses, 4 cows, 3 sheep and 8 pigs. More
1863 Joseph Coble (38 years old as of July 1,1863) registered for the civil war. Documentation
1870 The 1870 census shows Joseph Coble, a farmer in Falls Twp., Hocking co., Ohio. Wife/housekeeper Susan? b. ~1840, George? 15, David 10, Susan 8, Sarah 5 & Elizabeth 3.
1880 The 1880 census shows Joseph Coble, Jr., 46 years old, living with his brother, Christian and his family in Darby, Picaway county in June 4, 1880. No sign of Joseph Sr.


Joseph Coble's will was probated (get copy of will?) in Perry county, Ohio, on April 15, 1880 listing: (why Perry county?)

Hocking co: Susannah Koble, Theresa Koble, Sarah Koble, Eliza Koble, Annie M. Koble, Mary Koble.
Pickaway co: Joseph Koble, Christ Koble, Mary Roof, *Margaret Furst. [David Koble and John Koble not named] 3

Margaret Elizabeth Snider died in 1842 in Ohio. 3
Joseph died on April 15, 1880 in Hocking county, Ohio. Joseph died July 15, 1880 3
Susannah died on August 5th or 6th,1911 in Logan, Hocking county, Ohio. She was buried August 11th in Logan, OH. 3 (get copies of Death Certificates - or explain)


The information, not referenced to another source, was from Joyce Kyker's notes Her grandmother, Mary Vrylina Foerst Kuhn, was visited by the son of a child of Joseph and Susannah.
2 Randy C. Smart copied and linked documents found on such as census records.

Henry J. Vollmer's manuscript details the descendants of Anthony Kobel and Anna Maria Bertenberger [16 typed pages numbered 1 thru 6, 12 thru 21]

4 Early Ohio Settlers - Purchasers of Land in Southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840 [partial listing of Coble/Cobels]
5 Hocking county Ohio Birth Index 1867-1882 [partial listing]
6 Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: an Index [partial]