Simplified Map of the Mirgration of our branch of the Winn Family
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Noteworthy Nodes

1704: Minor Winn and family lived in northern Virginia during its early settlement.

1764: William Winn established Winnsboro in Fairfield county, South Carolina with his brothers.

1832: Minor H. Winn, Zadock Winn and John Winn were involved in a Maury Co., TN, circuit court case. Records of them in several TN counties (about halfway from SC to AR) reflect a brief stopover where they may have left some of the family.

1832: Minor H. Winn, with family including James Minor Winn, moved to West Fork, Washington county, Arkansas where they remained for many years. From here branches of the family moved to Kansas, Oregon and other areas.

1852 : John Winn arrived in the Oregon Territory, having traveled by wagon with his young family from West Fork, Washington county, Arkansas.

Other Maps

Winn Family in Virginia
Winn Family in South Carolina
Winn Family in Tennessee
Winn Family in Arkansas
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Winn Family in Kansas - Protection, Jamesburg, Maize, Wichita
Roof/Ruff, Koble/Coble in Central Ohio