Rock Hill (Greystone) ~ 1807

Middleburg ~ 1807 Photos provided by Darren Jerome

Over 200 years after it was built, the house of Minor Winn, Jr. is still standing.

Minor Jr.--the second-oldest son--stayed with his father, Minor Winn, in Fauquier co., Virginia while the other brothers went off to South Carolina to establish the frontier.

Minor and Betty Withers raised 10 children in Virginia. Betty died in 1798, at 49. In his later yearsa, Minor was married to Eleanor Harrison. By 1807, he had built her this house. Minor would live to be 82. Eleanor would out-live him by many years, not passing until 1845.

The double-story porch was added during the late 19th Century Victorian era.

Location: Off Route 626 near Halfway, in Fauquier county, Virginia.

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Analysis: Randy C. Smart

The book below says older buildings may have existed but have been torn down.

This place is spoken of as the Old Winn Place and is located about half way between Middlesburg and the Plains of Fauquier Co., VA not far from Washington D. C. MS

If this was the main property Minor Sr. bought in l764, we show he built the orginal Rock Hill late in his life. It would seem he and Minor, Jr. were working together and, as the orig. MS says, building the original Rock Hill on Little River, buying land from Richard Lee and building the first old stone house called "Rock Hill."

And it must be the property mentioned in the annex since it is the only land the will gives to Minor Jr. If so, this is also where they built the still mentioned in the annex.

Could Betty and Minor lived on that land, having eight children there?

If this the property Minor Sr. bought in l764, they owned the land 43 years before this house was built in 1807.