William Winn 1732 Virginia - 1800 So. Carolina


Born in 1732 in Virginia, the third son of Minor Winn and Margaret O'Connor. MS

One of several distinguished northern Virginia Revolutionary War heros--he and his brothers, most of them barristers were indeed bastions of society.

Why Listed First in Father's Will?

Yet, by comparison to his brothers, William seems a shadowy figure. His father didn't seem to have much faith in William's financial integrity when he wrote in his will.

I give and bequeath to my son William Winn one negroe man named Godfre and if any person whatever seas (sic) on the said negroe for his debts theor [thereof?] the said negroe shall be the hole & sole property of my granddaughter Martha Smith and her heirs forever. -- Minor Winn's Will

William is shown as Minor's third son MS. However, he is listed first in his father's will. It is espoused that Minor may have been emphasizing his qualms about William--and not wanting this concern lost in the verbiage of the will.

Marriage- Ann Lingan

William Winn married 1st Ann Lingan of Baltimore, Maryland about 1753. MS

Children - Ann & William

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Martha MS

m. Matthew Smith 1771 in Fauquier co.MS

Ann died either giving birth to her first child or shorly after. 6

Marriage- Rosamond Hampton

William married second "Rosa" Hampton around 1764. Rosa was the daughter of John Hampton and Margaret Wade of Fairfax county, Virginia and an aunt to General Wade Hampton. MS

Ancestry.com [US Marriage Records, 1560-1900] shows a William Winn, born 1732 in VA, married Rosamunn Hampton in 1757.

[She was b: 8 SEP 1735 in Tyascun Plantation, New Kent, VA, USA per Rootsweb Dennis Luhahn (peper168) unable to contact

Children - Rosa & William

Reference Information Only! Additional info held by the webmaster (in database format) for children that don't have a web page on this site.

Rosa Hampton had four sons and six daughters. MS [not shown is William Winn, a Captain in the war of 1812? Not on war memorial plaque with James]

Rosa MS   m. Broughton and moved to KY
Margaret MS   m. Robert Stark MS
Mary MS
b. ~1764 VA
m. John Hampton MS

John - Anthony MS

Sarah MS


d. 1807 SC MS

m. John Hughes 1792 MS

Sophie - Elizabeth -Brothers - Margaret - John - David H. - James - Sarah - Mary MS

Rebecca MS    
Susan MS    
John David MS

b. 1748 MS MS

d. 1820 MS

m. Eleanor Hicks MS ~1780

James - Jemima/Jeremiah - William - Martha - Minor - Mary MS (Issue=6) - John - Martin - Richard

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James MS    
Minor H. MS

b. 1775 SC MS

d. 1840 AR

see his page

Tracing His Steps

William Winn served with distinction in the Revolutionary War. MS

1764 SC - Camden Distr. - Left VA with brothers John/Richard to found Winnsboro, Fairfield, SC. MS 3
1768 SC - Little River / Wateree Creek - Received precept for land (not settled) - William Winn, May 3. 2
1769 SC - Wateree Creek - Land certified for William Winn, September 5. 2
1770 SC - Wateree Creek -Received 300 acres land grand - Wm. Winn; September 8. 2
1770 SC - Wateree Creek - Sold land - William & Rosey/Rosmond Winn, September 18. 2
1771 SC - Owen Mill Creek - Received precept for land - William Winn, March 8. 2
1773 SC - Owen Mill Creek - Plat certified for William Winn, February 2. 2
1773 SC - Enoree River - Surveyed land for self - William Winn, D. S., April 6. 2
1773 SC - Moons Creek - Received land grant on May 23. 2
1773 SC - Enoree River - Certified plat; Residence on May 28. 2
1775 SC - Camden District, March.

VA - Fauquier co., VA - William Winn of Craven co., SC appointed his son-in-law, Matthew Smith of Fauquier co., VA his attorney. Matthew had married Martha Winn, the remaining heiress of Ann Lingan whom William Winn referred to as his former wife. This power of attorney was witnessed by James Winn and Minor Winn Sr. -- The deed book 6, p. 134, Fauquier County, Virginia. MS

1778 SC - Residence. 2
1779 Served as horseman in militia (32 days). 2
1781 Furnished provisions for militia. 2
1785/6 SC - Camden District - Received land grants. 2
1785 SC - Owen Mill Creek - Sold land - William Winn, September 1. 2
1786 Received certificate for provisions furnished militia, February 4. 2
1788 Appointed Robert Starke attorney to collect money from Jacobson estate, Sept., 12. 2
1789 SC - Appointed John Winn power of attorney to collect money from father's estate in Fauquier Co., VA, .February. 2 (last record for Wm Winn)
1790 SC - Living at "76" a town and military station in western SC. MS
1794 SC - Witness for Nathaniel Smith, Sept., 6. Source?
1812 Drew a land patent of 1200 acres in Duck River Valley, Maury Co., TN. He moved with his brothers John, David and Richard and their families. 6


William died in 1800 around the age of 68 in Winnsboro, Fairfield county, South Carolina. [source?]

William died in 1813 in Charleston, SC. 6

He is buried beside the first wife (Dorthea Wright) of his brother, Colonel John Winn, at Winnsboro, South Carolina. MS [pictures/follow up?]

Rosy died 1802 in Fairfield county also. [source?]



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