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I have in my minde, in the perusal of the whole course of the history of our name and kindred, compared or likened God's worke, in that to a man striking fire into a tinder-box, by the beating of the flint upon the Steele there are a number of sparkles of fire raysed, whereof but one or two takes fire, the rest vanishing away. "

Sir John Wynne, The History of the Gwydir Family, page 52

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PAST: Saturday July 27, 2013 about two dozen met in Monroe, OR. Winn Reunion See Pictures -  Margie Stone 541-343-2852 or Nancy Winn 503-282-0128.

FUTURE: Sunday, June 21, 2015, descendants of Zadok and Elizabeth (Brecheen) Winn are gathering in Umatilla Co., Oregon,Contact: Jennifer Saunders


Descendentcy from the Welch noblemen of Gwynedd and Gwydir through 1000 years of history to our Wynnes and Winns of Virginia, is a myth. See Origins However, it is still widely held that most Wynnes, Wynns and Winns of Virginia probably have a common origin in a Welch family of that name.

DNA research without serious documentation is not clarifying our heritage. Much research continues with the hope of determining what has eluded myriad researchers for many many years. There are a lot of Winn cousins! DNA testing status.

The direct line from the Prince of Wales took a few side tracks. Some long-term problems were stirred up when a rightful heir was skipped over--thought too ugly to rule due to his broken nose. The lineage seems to have dead-ended not too many generations past Sir John Wynne of Gwydir.

So this family history web site works its way through history starting with Beatrice Emily Winn and going back through selected lines in our lineage.

Modern Family History

Applying Internet architecture to a structured search for ancestors has incredible value for family historians. With inspired use of the Internet, descendants have an opportunity to not only share efforts but to reach a consensus on family history. - - - Randy C. Smart, Web Master

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Genealogy of the Winn Family - Data compiled on the Winn family in the 1930s by James A. Winn of 916 North Fifth St., Fort Scott, Arkansas

Much of this information went from this hand-typed manuscript into my Family Origins database which generated the beginnings of this web site.

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More Information on this manuscript


The Winns of Fairfield County: Colonel John Winn, William Winn, General Richard Winn [locate and read] Manufacturer: R.L. Bryan Company Number Of Pages: 122 Publication Date: 1975

Bob Saunders of Salem, Oregon has researched this line extensively. His line:

Minor H. Winn = Leodocia Matilda Bedford
Zadok Winn = Elizabeth Brecheen
Jesse Z. N. Winn = Ann Grazelle Taylor
Ada Loretta "Lillie" Winn = Dana O. Saunders

3 Bob Saunders (rdsjr) submission to the World Connect Project.
4 Genealogy of the Winn Family by Mrs. Columbus M. (Mary E.) Winn, 1936 (unpublished). Mrs. Winn collected information by corresponding with Winn descendants. - for access, see Bob Saunders
5 Winn Surname Project - Connie Cole heads up the search for Winn DNA.


These people/cousins have contributed to this site in some way and/or are interested in the information presented on this Winn lineage.



Bob Saunders Gone but not forgotten
Cheri Coley
Georgia Alexander Smith
Michael Amer
J. D. Larimore [Bloyed]

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Maintain all source reference data when copying information. This web site is not a genealogical source. It is a depository of information facilitating the sharing our common family history. As determined and when available, digital copies of source documents are linked herein for reference, printing, etc.).

In tracking ancestry via DNA, accuracy is wholly subject to the documentation of those with whom you compare your DNA. Since DNA can’t be read directly, the valid ancestry of those tested is still of supreme importance.

Serious research is still required to determine if there are connections between the ancient Gwynnedd line and our line - see Origins

Webmaster can provide additional speculative data on many ancillary lines not shown.

Other - Unsubstantiated Events

A couple of items yet to be linked to this family. In 1787, Minor Winn (1704-78) nor Minor Winn (1672-1730) would not be alive and Minor H. Winn would be around 12 years old. Therefore, these two items don't seem to fit.

SCMAR, Vol. XVI, Winter 1988, No. 1, p.5
Pages 32-33: Power of attorney to “my Trusty Friend” Robert Elliott to sell and give title to 200 acres about three miles from Winnsborough in the State of South Carolina, joining lands of Minor Winn on one side and of a Mr. Kelly on the other, “which land I purchased of Mr. Kelly brother to him whom the land joins.” Also, 300 acres in Rowan County on Crain Creek which I purchased of Moses Beller and one entry of 60 acres joining the last mentioned, dated 14 April 1787 and signed by William (X) Davy, with Elia Alexander and John Balley Jur., wit. Proved by John Bailey in Rutherford County, NC, in open court of Session held in April 1787 and certified by W. Walker, Clk., 25 April 1787. Robert Elliot executed title to Jno. Milling in trust to dispose of the same to the best advantage. Recorded by D. Evans, D.C. From: - LisaJohnson1969added this on 20 Aug 2010

SCMAR, Vol. XVI, Winter 1988, No. 1, p.6
Pages 40-41: Minor Winn, Esquire, of Winsbro'h, Fairfield Co., [sold] to James Winn and David Read Evans of the same county, Gentlemen, for £500, the following Negroes, that is to say Tom and his wife Milley, Sampson and Winney his wife, Tom and his sister Lucy, 10 May 1787. Signed by M. Winn and witnessed by D. Evans and Jno. Winn Junr. Recorded 23 May 1787.