Birth Certificate

Beatrice Emily Winn

born January 12, 1920

*Springfield, Baca county, Colorado

the oldest daughter of Jerry Lemon Winn and Cecil Emily Parkinson

* Lamar, per obituary

Printable Portrait

Bleak Beginnings in Colorado

In 1917, Bea's grandfather, Joe, and her father Lem, were homesteading in desolate Baca county, Colorado while 3 other sons were serving in the Great War. During these years, they proved up their claims. Around 1926, they sold their lands and moved back to Protection, Kansas.

  • Bea was born in Springfield in 1920
  • Myrtle Mae, her dad's sister, was married in Springfield in 1921.

Reflections of a Son by Randy C. Smart

Mom seemed to see into the minds of others--either very empathetic or simply very wise. She asked why people acted the way they did and then wondered what caused them TO feel that way. She was loved by all who knew her, including her four boys.

She was a facilitator as well as an advocate of those in need, quietly helping others with the necessities they were hard-pressed to provide themselves. She was pro-active, seLf-assured and usually had a couple of strong boys at her disposal. To her thinking, there is always someone who can use a little help.

Dad was away much of the time--moving around with the railroad. She was resourceful and soon realized this lifestyle allowed her to test her resolve. Her successes validated her approach to life--her failures provided needed lessons. She quietly got wiser with time, making life look easy along the way.

She never grieved for what she didn't have but rather, counted herself blessed. She realized that all people suffer from one thing or another. Neither the rich, nor the religious, have a lock on happiness.

Mom worked first as a waitress. Eventually motherhood required most of her time. She had worked through any frivolous delusions early on and approached raising her children with her usual progressive nature. She was there when we needed her and she didn't miss a thing that went on in a house of four boys!

Eventually, with the older boys in the Navy and the younger two in school, she got a responsible older woman to live in as "nanny" while she returned to work, giving all she had to managing the Greyhound Bus in Atwater, California and partnering in the local taxi service. Together with other odd endeavors, she ran the bus depot and taxi out of the old Southern Pacific railway station until it was torn down--partly by Ralph and kids for salvage of the tongue-and-groove lumber.

She moved across the street and continued running her enterprises until moving to Tracy around 1962, where she began a long career at the Sears catalog store. She was always a hard worker and adored by co-workers. She took an interest in everything around her and maintained a cheerful and helpful outlook all the time.

She canned tomatoes and fruit, pickled cucumbers and made delicious home-made relish and bread. She was an accomplished seamstress and made many of the families clothes, rugs, and quilts. She readily shared her time and skills with other mothers.


Voice Recordings

Quilt scraps Beans Christmas on the prairie Sorghum
Underwear Bathing on the prairie Travel in the covered wagon Inglewood, Colorado

Around 1962--when Bea was free from running the bus depot and taxi in Atwater (preparing to join Dad in Tracy)--she took her mother, Cecil Clements, Gary and I on a trip to visit family in Protection, Kansas. I was only 10 at the time and didn't know who these people were, other than family. I remember the locust screaming in the trees, the pig farm in Wichita across the street from a relative we visited, and seeing Dodge City.

Mom recorded a tape I have. On the tape, Bea and her mother, Cecil Clements, talk with her Aunts in Protection. She always called them "Booch & Lannie." [REAL NAMES ?] Mom spent time with them while growing up and was always very fond of these two Aunts. They talk about the days (1917-1926) when the whole family were homesteading in southeast Colorado--see Joe Winn's Steps

This was Mom's early efforts at family history and a treasure for me. I digitized eight snippets, representing the best of the tape, to share. -- Randy C. Smart


Her Life in Pictures

Bea didn't keep a lot of pictures of herself. This is one of the few pictures found (in her album) of her during her earlier years.

She spent a few years in Colorado before moving to Washington when??? She we too young to remember much of it other than living in a dugout and enduring windstorms.

The picture is pretty damaged. Here is a restoration by Steve Moser.

Bea did a lot of baby-sitting of her younger brothers and sister and some other children. But her first job was working for Ramsey Ice Cream as a waitress.

It was on a trip to the park in Wenatchee park (kids in tow) that she met a young man she would eventually marry.

Bea standing on a rock. She was no stranger to the outdoors and camping.

Taken at Icicle--in the mountains near Wenatchee--where the young adults went to have drinks away from the crowd.

Bea is having a real belly-laugh with her glasses off, which was unusual for her. Is it possible she had a snoot full?

Bea and Helen, Ralph's little sister, were friends. They stayed in touch over the years eventually living only a few doors apart during Bea's last few years.

Bea in her finest prairie attire.

~1936-8 ?

I believe this is her outfit for waitressing at the ice cream parlor in Wenatchee.

She either made it or altered it for work as she was real handy with a needle.

Be with Dewayne and Randy at the farmhouse in Madera around 1952.

Bea was the strong one during the early years in Madera when Ralph was sick for a long time with an unknown illness.

Bea with the first of her four sons, Dewayne.

She was a mom with a gentle but firm touch.

Mom bought her own Volkswagen eventually. She was the very picture of a liberated woman and understood this very well.

About 1959-60?



Marriage in Wenatchee, Washington

Bea married only one time. She married Ralph Smart in Wenatchee, Chelan Co., Washington on November 15, 1939 at 7 PM. The Schaefers, Ralph's little sister and her then husband, stood up for them.

Beatrice Winn Becomes a Bride

Miss Beatrice Winn of Wenatchee and Ralph Smart of Orondo repeated their wedding vows to the Rev. H. S. Will at his home at seven o'clock Wednesday evening.

Mr. And Mrs. Ervin Schaefer of this city were their attendants. The couple will establish their home here.

marriage application - marriage certificate


Four Sons in Madera, California

Ralph Dewayne Smart was born on August 20, 1940 in Madera, Madera County., California.
He would later serve in the United States Navy and in the US Air Force. He lives in Quincy, Illinois where he is active in the Mormon Church.
He has six daughters and one son (by two marriages).
Jack Orin Smart was born on May 10, 1944 in Madera, Madera County., California.
He was a Yeoman in the Navy, stationed on the USS Ranger aircraft carrier at the same time as was his brother, Dewayne. He was a fireman in Merced, California for many years before moving to Port Angeles, Washington where he is a sign painter.
He has one daughter and one son and has been married since 1965.
Randy Curtis Smart was born on September 8, 1951 in Madera, Madera County., California.
Randy served in the Air Force and then worked for Pacific Gas & Electric Company for 25 years in California.
Lost his wife in 1989 then raised two sons and a daughter himself.
Gary Alan Smart was born on October 15, 1953 in Madera, Madera County., California.
Gary served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He was stationed in Cambodia for a time as well as Travis AFB in California, and at Luke AFB in Arizona. He was a parachute packer and upholsterer.
After his discharge, he moved to Sequim, Washington and began an upholstery business, specializing in boat tops.
Has one daughter.

Working Life

Very little is said here about Bea's working endeavors yet she was an incredible liberated working woman, way before it was fashionable. Her extensive "supervision" of younger siblings, coupled with her empathetic nature, led to her natural leadership qualities being obvious. She served ice cream and coffee where she learned to count change. From there it was management of the Greyhound Bus Depot, etc. leading her to Sears, where there was some sharing of the profits.

Working at Sears was my first job... Worked for Dave McNinch. Bea was my trainer and Mentor. I remember how she taught me how to make coffee for the employees (I opened the store at 4AM to receive the Truck with all of the catalog orders) and she also taught me to not throw away the "returned" Christmas Fruit Cakes (they's last for months and made for good snacks will into Spring!).

Love that Lady!

Best Regards,

jim pierce March 19, 2013

Passing in Sequim, Washington

Beatrice Emily Smart Obituary - Peninsula Daily News, Port Angeles, Washington

Funeral services for Beatrice Emily Smart, 62, were held at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Sequim, on Monday, November 15. Burial was in Mt. Angeles Memorial Park. Bishop Michael Millet officiated. Arrangements were by Sequim Valley Chapel.

Mrs. Smart died in Port Angeles on Thursday, November 10, She was born on January 12, 1920 in Lamar, Colorado, the daughter of Jerry and Cecil Winn. She married Ralph W. Smart on November 15, 1939 at Wenatchee, Wa. He survives at the family residence in Sequim.

The Smart's lived in Sequim for the past 7-1/2 years, coming to the area from Tracy, California. Mrs. Smart was a member of the Sequim Ward - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Sequim Prairie Grange.

Survivors include her husband Ralph; mother, Cecil Clements of Roseville, California; sons: Jack of Port Angeles, Randy of Pismo Beach, California, Gary of Sequim and Dewayne of Manchester, New Hampshire; ten grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild; brothers Floyd Winn of San Carlos, California, Jerry Winn of Lake Don Pedro, California and Curtis Winn of Roseville, California; and sister: Shirley Caudell of Wenatchee.

Pallbearers were: Jack Smart, Gary Smart, Levern Smart, Lowell Smith, Clarence Blackburn and Randy Smart.

Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society.

Death Certificate Funeral Card Gravestone - Grave site Mt. Angeles Memorial Park & Cemetery
Mt. Angeles: 45 So. Monroe Rd., (off Highway 101) Port Angeles, WA (360) 452-6255