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John Hoyt

John Hoyt was born February 12, 1568 in Upway, County Dorset, Dorchester, England. His lineage is still unknown.

He married Ruth Smith in Upway on June 15, 1591. Nothing else is known of her.

John never left Upway. He eventually died there September 28, 1635 at the ripe old age of 67.

Simon Hoyt


In spite of the the fact that he lived over 400 years ago, a great deal is known about Simon Hoyt(e) because of research and written accounts by Robin Bush, a processional genealogist of Somerset UK. The details are unknown but someone must have commission her to look into the records of Simon Hoyt(e). Thanks to this hard work, a rudimentary timeline of Simon's life can be constructed. See Robin Bush Notes

Dick Hillenbrand - www.ny-genes.com - has a different versions of Simon's genealogy.

January 20, 1590 - Simon Hoyt was born in Upway to John and Ruth Hoyt (shown above).

December 1612 - Simon married Deborah Stowers in Upway when he was 22 and she was 19. Deborah was the daughter of Walter Stowers of Upway, County Dorset, Dorchester, England. She was baptized in [WHICH CHURCH?] on June 5, 1593.

Children of Simon and Deborah

Simon and Deborah had six children born in Upway, County Dorset, , Dorchester, England:

John Hoyt (b. 1614) Married Mary Purdy
Walter Hoyt (b. 1616) Married Rhoda Mulhall
Thomas Hoyt (b. 1618) Married Elizabeth Russell
Deborah Hoyt (b. 1620) Died June 3, 1628 (age 7)
Nicholas Hoyt (b. 1622) Married Susanna Joyce
Ruth Hoyt (b. 1625) Died May 9, 1627 (age 2)

Deborah died shortly after, or in conjunction with the birth of Ruth in 1625. Sometime after that, Simon married Susanna Smith.

Children of Simon and Susanna

Simon and Susanna had seven children:

Moses Hoyt (b. 1637) Married Elizabeth ________
Josua Hoyt (b. 1641) Married Mary BELL
Samuel Hoyt (b. 1642) Married Hannah HOLLY 11-16-1671
Benjamin Hoyt (b. 1644) Married Hannah WEED 1-5-1670
Mary Hoyt Married Thomas LYON
Sarah Hoyt Married Samuel FINCH
Miriam Hoyt Married Samuel FIRMAN

1628 - Simon Hoyt, accompanied by his brother-in-law Nicholas Stowers, and the Spragues, who also were from Upway, immigrated to America in the ship "Abigail" with Governor John Endicott, arriving in Salem, Mass, Sept. 6.

1629 - Simon went to Charlestown.

1630 - Simon was in Dorchester, [CONNECTICUT?], his name appearing in the records as Simon Hoyt

1635 - Simon was at Scituate where he was with his wife, Susanna Smith, joined the WHICH?] Church.

1639 - Simon went to Windsor, Connecticut, where he had four score (80) acres granted him by the plantation (who/what???) February 28, 1640. A house lot was granted him in Fairfield, Connecticut March 1649, and his name appears in a list of the pioneers of Stamford, Connecticut.

1657 - Simon died September 1st in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He had lived in the area over 25 years.