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SOURCE: Lemuel C. Hand Pension Paperwork

Provided courtesy of Chuck Hoyt--grandson of Jim and Sarah (nee Hand) Hoyt.

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This paperwork includes certification of family names/births from a family bible in Sarah's possession since printed in 1829.

The first portion of the file pertains to the Bounty Land Warrant Sarah applied for in 1855. She was awarded a land warrant for 160 acres. I don't known where the land was located--whether she ever lived on it or sold it to someone else. I will attempt to locate that information.~Chuck Hoyt The second portion of the file is the Widow’s Pension File which was applied for in 1878. Sarah filed for a US Widow’s Pension in Webster, Keokuk Co., Iowa around June 20-29, 1878. On May 17, 1879 she provided the original bible as proof she was the widow of Lemuel C. Hand. This paperwork--with birth dates for Lemuel, Sarah and the children (b. 1818-41) copied from the bible by the clerk of Smith co., Kansas--documents the marriage between Lemuel and Sarah as well as the children names and birth dates reflected on this site.

Although Lemuel died in 1847, it wasn't until 1878, with the passage of a new law requiring less service time during the War of 1812, that Sarah became eligible to pursue a pension. She received a pension of $8 per month paid quarterly until her death.

Other Sources for Lemuel C. Hand Family

Provided courtesy of Georgia LaRue - GeorgiaBennett51 7 Feb 2008

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Lemuel C. and Sarah Hand

Lemuel C. Hand was born in New Jersey on September 28, 1785.

He married Sarah (Sary) Tracy on Oct 6, 1817 by Justice of the Peace, Daugherty in Washington Court House, Fayette co., Ohio. Sarah was born February 5, 1799 in Maryland. Her father, Warnel Tracy, served in the War of 1812.

Also Lemuel C. Hand was with Capt. James Carothers Regiment of the Ohio Militia (Stewarts 3rd) during the War of 1812. He served his minimum of 40 days (yet the records below reflect only 27 days: July 27th to August 16th 1813) to qualify his widow for a pension, being honorably discharged at Sanduskey (?), Ohio.

Children of Lemuel C. and Sarah Hand

Warnel T.
Robert P.


Elizabeth GANO
Temperance C.
Sarah (Sary) Ellen


William HILL
Harvey T. (or Henry)
Laura Loreta NUNN
Hiram G.
Malissa OATLEY

Lemuel Hand Dies

Lemuel passed on at Decatur, Marion co., Indiana at the age of 62 on December 5, 1847. [Source shows April 5, 1847?]

Sarah Applies for a Pension

State of Kansas - Smith County

I Sary Hand do solemnly swear that I am the Widow of Lemuel C. Hand.
That the foregoing is a true copy of the record of births in our
family that I am now and always have been in possession of the Bible
in which the record is written, since the aforesaid records were made.

So help me God,

Sary X Hand (her mark)

Sarah Hand Dies

Source: Linda < jwalling@pldi.net>: Bill Conrad <bconrad1@gmail.com> claims Sarah K. Hand is the one buried in Abingdon, Iowa.

Sarah died on Sept. 16, 1868 at the age of 88, in Osborne, Kansas. She's buried at the Lawrence Creek Cemetery (exact location uknown). The old Stone Church and Cemetery name was later changed to Lawrence Creek.

Obit from Gaylord Herald, KS on March 18, 1886:

"Died at the residence of her son, Mr. John Hand, seven miles south of Gaylord, in Osborne county on march 11th, 1886, Mrs. Sarah Hand, aged 88 years. Mrs. Hand was a pensioner of the War of 1812."

Obit from Portis Patriot, KS March 18, 1886:

"Died on March 11, 1886, in Hawkeye township, Mrs. Sarah Hand, aged 87 years. Her remains were buried in the cemetery at the Stone Church. The deceased was the mother of Mr. John Hand, with whom she lived during the last years of her life. She was also the grandmother of Mrs. M.H. Hoyt and Fred Hand, of this place."