N a t u r e P h o t o g r a p h y

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Personal Collections - Some of the awesome color and patterns in west coast nature.

Collection - Small Version

Collection - Large Version
Home Gardening- A back yard of colors, patterns, and tranquility - a haven for nature.

Garden Overview

Virtual Tour of a Garden's Times and Spaces
Lake Crescent, Washington - The many moods of a natural lake in the Olympic National Park.

Colors / Textures of Lake Crescent

Seattle Flower Show - Wander around the Seattle flower show.

The 2005 Flower Show

The 2006 Flower Show The 2007 Flower Show
A Planet of Color - Google Earth screenshots feflect incredible textures & colors

Planitary Slide Show

Photos, property of Ancestor-Rescue/Randy C. Smart: provided with smiles for your noncommercial enjoyment.