James Finley was born on Dec. 4, 1687 in Ireland. He immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1720 from Ireland [add ship/emigration records?]. He married Elizabeth Patterson (of which nothing is known) on Jan. 10, 1706. James died on Feb. 10, 1753 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

John Finley was born to James and Elizabeth sometime in 1708 while they were still in Ireland. He married Thankful Doak, who's origins are unknown.

John Finley Jr. was born in 1724 to John and Thankful Finley in Pennsylvania. He married Mary Caldwell. Mary was born in 1728 in Charlotte Co., Virginia. John died in 1791 in Augusta County, Virginia at the age of 67.

George Finley was born in June 1743 in Augusta County, Virginia to John Jr. and Mary Finley. He married Mary (Polly) Gaines on June 29, 1786 when she was 21 and he was 43. Mary was was born in 1765 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. George died in 1809 at the age of 66.

George Finley Jr. was born in Kentucky on Feb. 15, 1789 to George and Mary Finley. In 1812, George Jr. married Frances (Fanny) Hancock. He was 23 and Fanny was 16. He died Nov. 3, 1851 in Monroe County, Indiana at the age of 62 and is buried in Mt. Salem Cemetery, Perry Twp., Monroe County, Indiana. [gravestone/burial/death records?] He left money to his then unmarried children (see will below).

Fanny was born on Jan. 5, 1796 in South Carolina and died Jan. 9 1875 at the age of 79. She was buried in Mt. Salem Cemetery, Perry Twp., Monroe County, Indiana. They had a large family of 15-16 children. [add/link children]

John Hancock, was raised by his uncle and guardian, the colonial businessman Thomas Hancock 1703 - 1764 and in 1764. John inherited his uncle's business and a substantial fortune. Among other notable acts he was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.--Bob Hoyt, 1-3-2000

It is assumed, at this point, that JOSEPH HANCOCK is not related to JOHN HANCOCK, the famous statesman. Since there is no mention in Funk & Wagnalls of John having a brother, Joseph could only have been a cousin. However, since John Hancock lived from 1737 to 1793 and though we don't have exact dates for Joseph Hancock, he is of the same generation as George Finley (1743 - 1809). Therefore, there is no evidence of any relation.

WILL of George Finley Jr. - Filed November 13, 1851 - Monroe County, Indiana

Directs that wife, Frances Finley, remain and live upon the premises and in the house where I now live during her widowhood and give her express power to use, enjoy, transfer, sell, or in any way dispose of personal property of any nature, kind, and description when it is needed for her support or for the support or education of certain of yet minor children.

Daughters Maria Finley, Frances Finley and Jane Finley each $40. Sons David and James D. Finley each $50. At expiration of widowhood of said Frances Finley, or death, after paying sums mentioned the real or personal property be equally apportioned between all of my children and when my youngest child shall arrive at the age of 21 years, my said wife, Frances Finley, and my children, if they all agree to do so, may sell real and personal property and make distribution as before mentioned.

Wife, Frances Finley--Executrix and said Executrix must not permit my estate to come under the (couldn't make out word) of the Probate Court by an action of hers.

George Finely (seal)

Witnesses: Elias Abel and William C. Tarkington Nov 13, 1851, George Finely, late of Monroe County, deceased. Milton McPhetridge, Clerk [Copied by Mrs. G. Kent Carter, who said she didn't take time to writ the usually beginning paragraphs about paying outstanding expenses, etc. If we want it she said she would copy later.]

[LAND 1934 - Monroe County, Indiana]

U. S. General Land Office Recorded in Volume 49, page 86 Geo. Graham, Comm. of Gen Land Office

The Indenture made this 18th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four, between Nathan Padgett and Sarah, his wife, of the County of Monroe and State of Indiana, of the first part, and George Finley, of the State and County aforesaid of the second part. WITNESSETH that the party of the first in consideration of the sum of four hundred dollars lawful money of the United States, to them in hand paid by the party of the second party, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have bargained, granted, sold, and confirmed and by these presents do bargain, grant, sell and confirm unto the said party of the second part, his heirs and assigns forever, two certain tracts or parcels of land lying and being in the State and County aforesaid, one tract containing eight-three (83) acres, more or less, it being the south part of the south-east quarter of Section 17, Twp. 7, north of Range 1 west and bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the southeast corner of said quarter section thence north 85 poles, thence west 160 poles, thence 83 poles to the line of said quarter, thence east to the beginning. Also one (1) tract or parcel of land containing sixty (60) acres, be the same more or less, and bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the northeast corner of section 20 in the Township aforesaid and running west 160 poles, thence south 60 poles, thence east 160 poles, thence north to the place of beginning; it being a part of the northeast quarter of Section 20 and Twnship 7 north of Range 1 west, it being coveyed by the party of the first To Have and To Hold the said tracts or parcels of land above described, with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining unto the said party of the second part, his heirs and assigns forever, and the said party of the first part for themselves, their heirs, executors and administrators doth warrant and forever defend the said premises from themselves, their heirs and assigns and against the claim or claims of any person or persons lawfully claiming or to claim the same.

In Testimony Whereof the said Nathan Padgett and Sarah, his wife, have hereunto set their hands and seals. (Signatures on back of page, not copied.)

Rufus Finley, their oldest son, died in Mississippi and his wife Nancy (Mitchell) Finley, was brought back to Monroe County in wagon sent for her by her brother, probably John Mitchell as in 1850 she was living with him in Perry Township. Rufus and Nancy were married Nov. 5, 1835 and had four children born in Tennessee, Mary Ann, William, Mitchell, and George.

According to family lore, George Finley Jr. and Frances (Hancock) Finely had the following children:

  1. Martha (Finley) SMITH (b. 1813)
  2. Rufus FINLEY (1814 - 1847) m. Nancy MITCHELL
  3. William FINLEY
  4. Mary Gaines (Finley) SHARPE (1818 - 1905)
  5. Bluford FINLEY - m. Adelaide JOHNSON
  6. Almira (Finley) HORTON
  7. Ann (Finley) STULTZ
  8. Jane FINLEY
  9. Sally Dillard (Finley) CARMICHAEL (1826 - 1901)
  10. Catherine (Cat) (Finley) STRAIN
  11. Maria FINLEY (1830 - 1869)
  12. Frances Jane (Finley) SILLIVAN (1833 - 1897)
  13. David FINLEY (b. 1834) m. Julia Ann DILLMAN
  14. George FINLEY (b. 1836)
  15. (Infant Twin) FINLEY (1838 - 1838)
  16. James D. FINLEY (1838 - 1934) m. Lucy Ann MATHER