Eli Bloyed (1786 Maryland - 1878 Arkansas)


Eli Bloyed was born April 25, 1786 in Eastern Shore, MD.

The Bloyed family moved to Washington county, Arkansas in 1828 from Kentucky or Tennessee. Eli was one of the first to settle on the West Fork of the White River. He got along great with the Indians. Families - See West Fork, AR

The Bloyeds and Winns were amoung the first stettlers in Washington county. They farmed land near West Fork. They were all members of the first church, established around 1844.

Eli's History
Bloyed / Winn Family Letters (1852)
1830 West Fork, AR Cenusus

Two Letters by a Pioneer from Arkansas
Misc. Family Genealogy
Families - Ei Bloyed
Bloyed or Bloyd?

If pronounced the same as Floyd, others would spell it the same--unless the silent "e" was pointed out. It seems they did point out the silent "e" for family gravestones. Where they reflecting more on their family history in Scotland/Northern Ireland? --Randy

Graham Marriage

Eli married Mary Ann Graham April 27, 1806 in Green county, Kentucky.

Mary (called Polly) was born in South Carolina on December 5, 1788. Families


Is this a picture of Mary Yoes (wife of Wilson McClendon Tigard) as claimed by Thomas Whitmore of Portland vinemapple@earthlink.net on 7-8-2012? It doesn't seem likely Mary would have lived long enough for photography since she died at about the beginning of the Civil War. The subject of the picture seems to be in her 40s maybe. Source of picture unknown.

Children - Eli & Mary

Reference Information Only! Additional info with webmaster (database format) for children that don't have a web page.Source: Families

Matilda b. 1807 KY m. Nathan Coughman

Alflred W. - m. Rachel Anderson
Elizabeth M. - m. William Anderson
Mary Ann m. Zadok Winn
William - m. Lear Manon
Seaborn m. Pauline Dill
Nelson B. - Kill in Civil War
Taylor Isaac - Kill in Civil War
Nancy Ann - m. Thomas Davis

Peter b. 1809 KY m. Sarah Tennison

Wiliam - m. Delilah Lofton
[ Aunt" Lilah Bloyed by Robt. G. Winn ]
Eli - m. Sarah Jane Gilbreath
Margaret - m. Giles Lofton
Elizabeth - b. 1845
Mary - b. 1847
Lucinda - m. W. E. Shanks & J. C. Oldham
Hanry - m. Antonia Gilbreath
John - m. Lydia McDonald

William b. 1811 KY m. Cynthia Wolf

Finis - b. 1832
James - b. 1836 m. Sara Jane Gilbreath (Eli's Widow)
Nancy - m. Joseph P. Reed
Lucinda - m. William Karnes
Martha - m. Lafayette Bird
Elizabeth - m. Thomas McKnight

Kazie b. 1813 KY m. Wm. Conrad Yoes

Rosana - m. McTroy House
Cynthia - m. Jefferson Quinton
Margaretta Jane - m. Alexander Anderson
Mary Ann - m. Wilson Tegard
Jacob - m. Mary Ann Reed
James Russell - m. Mary Elizabeth Short & Martha Gilstrap

Nancy Ann b. 1816 KY m. James Minor Winn




b. 1825 AR m. Joel Arrington Combs

Mary Matilda - m. John Winn
Frances Elizabeth - m. Henry Martin
Caledonia - m. Calvin Rutherford
Sephronia - m. Joel Fallin
Milas - m. Susan Reed

1900 Census - Prairie, AR

Tracing Their Steps

1830 The 1830 Cenusus shows the Eli living in West Fork, Arkansas with wife, 2 boys and 2 girls. They were amoung the first pioneers to settle there.
1852 Some of the family traveled from West Fork to Oregon in a wagon train. Bloyed/Winn Family Letters (1852)
1854 Eli and Mary Bloyed sold James Minor Winn 40 acres around West Fork, AR. Warrantee Deed

Mary (Graham) Bloyed died on Octorber 16, 1861 in West Fork and is buried in the family plot. Families
Eli died April 22, 1878 in West Fork, Washington Co., AR. He was buried April 26, 1878 in West Fork Cemetery.

Bloyed Family Plot Eli Bloyed grave