Minor Winn 1704 Virginia - 1778 Virginia


Born in 1704 in Westmoreland county, MS Virginia.

He may be the son+ of Minor Winn MS and Martha Ann Mary Byrd of Caroline co., MS Virginia. + The connection from this Minor Winn to Winn-Byrd is not proven. 1

  • Minor may have been born in England or Wales. 1
  • Or Eden Plantation, Prince William co.--the Byrd estate of his mother's family? MS

    Obtain (or rule out) county birth records (Westmoreland has some records as far back as 1653, Pr. Wm. wasn't established until 1730).

    Obtain (or rule out) parish/church records in these areas.

Marriage - Margaret Connor

Minor Winn married Margaret O'Connor in Westmoreland county, Virginia. MS before 1727. (based on est. date of first childbirth) Was her name actually Connor (as shown in her mother's will).

Margaret was born in Ireland. MS * Margaret is said to be from Maryland. Her mother was born in Ireland. Margaret is named in her mother, Margaret Connor's Will. Why does she give everything to a son named James Connor? Did she have a son by a previous marriage?

Margaret was likely born in Essex or K&Q co., VA to James and Margaret Conner. James died in Spotsylvania co. by November 2, 1725. 5

It seems probable that it was her Connor brothers that witness the Winn deeds below.

NOTE: There is a second Minor Wynn marriage already established in VA. Many old family histories combine all of the Minors into one or erroneously connect them to each other, or erroneously connect them to Robert of Canterbury through Joshua Wynn. 1

Children - Margaret & Minor

Reference Information Only! Additional info held by the webmaster (in database format) for children that don't have a web page on this site.

John, Colonel 4

b. ~1727** VA

d. 1816 TN

m. Penelope Kirkland 1758

Joseph - Daniel - Harriet - Martha - Margaret - David - Jefferson - Obediah - John - Peter - Robert - Unkn

m. Dorothea Wright 1782

Anna - Minor - James - Richard Francis - Wright - Mary

Elizabeth 4

b. 1728

d. 1772

m. _____ Smith 4 MS

Martha +

Margaret 4 b.1729 m. Moses Johnson * m. Smith Johnson 1 m. ____ Johnson MS
Minor, Lieutenant 4

b. 1730 VA

d. 1812 VA

m. Elizabeth Withers 1766

Nancy - Sally - Margaret - Betsy - Susannah - Mary (Polly) - John W. - Hannah Withers - Minor IV - Thomas

m. Eleanor Harrison 1803
Built Rock Hill about 1807
Mary 4 b. 1731 m. Benjamin Smith *** m. _____ Smith MS
William, Colonel 4

b. 1732 VA

d. 1800 SC

m. Ann Lingan ~1753 see Wm's page

m. Rosamond Hampton see Wm's page

James. Captain 4

b. ~1745 VA

d. 1814 ?

m. Hanna(h) Withers 1766

James - William - Joe - Susannah - Queen - George - Minerva - John

Susanna 4

b. 1740

d. 1817

m. Peter Grant MS Fauquier Co., Vr

(called Susannar in father's will)

Richard, General 4

portrait - grave - grave - home

b. 1750 VA

d. 1818 TN

m. Priscilla McKinley d. Winnsboro, TN

Minor - Samuel - Benjamin Franklin - Dr. Thomas Brotten - William Richard - Margaret - Christina - John - Richard - Mary - Priscilla

Who is this daughter, Lettice (1723 - 1790) m. John Bearden 1736 NC shown on some genealogies? I can't say where I got this info. She is not mentioned in Minor's will. 4 She is not mentioned in the original MS. MS

+ William also had a daughter (by 1st wife) named Martha, who married Matthew Smith 25 Nov 1771. Could this be the one mentioned in Minor's will instead of Elizabeth's daughter? MS

* Moses Johnson wasn't her husband but instead, the son of Margaret and Smith Johnson. 5

** John is shown as 23 years older than Richard. However, John's birth in 1727 was only a guess in the orig. MS

*** Benjamin Smith's will does not speak of his wife. Deanna Ames claims she is already dead. Ergo, the notion that he married Elizabeth (rather than Mary).

We have Elizabeth dying in 1772, which means she would have been alive at the time of Ben. Smith's Will (below) yet dead at the writing of Minor's will.

Benjamin Smith's Will dated 30 Sep 1770 (Will Book O 1752-1773 Halifax Co. VA) Halifax co VA Will Book O 1752-1773 (Chiarito) Sons: Minor Winn Smith, Weathers Smith, John Winn Smith and Weaden Smith Daughters: Margaret Smith and Susan Smith.
..."on condition my eldest daughter raising of my youngest son". 
s/Benjamin Smith
Exr: Minor Winn Wit: Samuel Hoskins, Thomas Vaughan, Smith Johnson." 5


Five sons served America in the Revolutionary War holding commissions ranging from Lieutenant to Colonel. After the war Richard became a Major General in the South Carolina militia.

John, Richard, and William went to Cauden District (called Fairfield) South Carolina where in 1765 they founded the town of Winnsboro, (then called Winnsborough) the county seat of Fairfield county. These brothers also founded Mount Zion Society. 1787 Plot Map of Winnsborough

In 1966, the Richard Winn Academy was founded in Winnsboro, SC.

Is there also a Winnsboro in TN? Richard died in Winnsboro, Maury co., TN (at his plantations at Duck River 1818).

Mount Zion Society

Established in Charleston Jan 9th and incorporated Feb 12, 1777 for founding, endowing, and supporting a public school in the District of Camden, for the education and instruction of youth.

"Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. To appoint unto them that mount in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they may be called the trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified." Isaiah Ix. 1 and Ix. 3

Its first President, John Winn (and wardens, William Strother and Robert Ellison) were residents of what is now Fairfield County, then a part of Camden District.

Located at Winnsboro, the town named in honor of John Winn, its first year membership was 58. Among these, Col. Thomas Taylor and Thomas Woodward, and two from the low country, Edward McCrady, one of the first members, and Andrew Rutledge.

Paraphrased from The History of South Carolina Under the Royal Government, 1719-1776 a book by Edward McCrady available online.

South Carolina

Troubled by finding their property 'handled by a few designing men as the see cause,' anticourt petitioners in Fairfield may have been expressing resentment at the brothers Richard, John, and Minor Winn. These three were local merchants and frequent litigants. Richard and John were also county justices who, not coincidentally, signed at the top of Fairfield's procourt petition. Thomas S. Parrot, one of the first signers on the anticourt document, had been a defendant in a suit brought by Evans, Winn, and Company.

-- Unification of a Slave State: The Rise of the Planter Class in the South ... By Rachel N. Klein

Tracing His Steps

Putting Minor's records in chronological order, we get the following timeline:

1733 VA Caroline co. - settled there before1733. MS
1733 VA Caroline co. - Court Order - Tobacco paid to Minor Winn April 12. 2
1734 VA Carolina co. - Petition - Minor Winn vrs Co. Collectors, June 13. 2
1734 VA Orange co. formed from part of Spotsylvania co.

VA Carolina co. - Order book 1732-1740, suit of Minor Winn vrs Augustine Moregal dismissed. July 13.MS


VA Prince William co. - Moved to Prince William county. MS

1737 VA Carolina co. - Moved to St. Margaret's Parish, June 25. MS

VA Orange co. - Purchased Land (Great Fork, Rappahannock River) on June 25. 2 MSDeed witnessed by James Connor -- related to Margaret O'Connor?


VA Orange co. - Order Book 2 page 43-43, Minor Winn sold land to Frances Thorton on June 23. MS

1737 VA Orange co. - Order Book 2 page 43; "Minor Winn of St. Margaret's Parish Caroline co., bought land in Orange co., VA, June. MS
1749 VA Culpeper county formed from part of Orange county.
1757 VA Loudoun county formed from part of Fairfax county.
1759 VA Fauquir county formed from part of Prince William county.
1760 VA Culpeper co. - Deed Bk. C pgs. 408-409 Oct 16 : To all whom present...I, Minor Winn of Prince William co., VA, in consideration of the Natural love and good will which I do bear give to my son-in-law, Smith Johnson, 202 acres on the Great Fork of the Rappa. River and on the Potato Run... signed Minor Winn; Wit: James Connor (Margaret's brother), Richard Young, John Bradley. 5

VA Loudoun co. - Joseph Holtzclaw of Prince William sold to Minor Winn of Prince William county 300 acres on North Branch of Goose Creek. December 10. MS

1764 VA Fauquier co. - Late in life, he apparently resettled on Little River, buying land from Richard Lee and building the first old stone house called "Rock Hill." This place is spoken of as the Old Winn Place and is located about half way between Middlesburg and the Plains of Fauquier Co., VA not far from Washington D. C. MS
1764 VA Fauquier co. - Leased land for farming on May 24. Deed witnessed by James Connor who could be related to Margaret O'Connor, 2
1764 VA Prince William co. - Residing in May 24.MS
1765 SC Three sons establish Winnsboro, SCt.
1765 VA Fauquier co. - Purchased slaves, household effects, etc., from son in March 22.MS
1765 VA Fauquier co. - Lease voided and released to Minor Winn, March 24.MS
1765 VA Loudoun co. - Minor and Margaret sold a lot in Leesburg, D. B. Page 594. MS
1766 VA Fauquier co. - Allowed to repair and use courthouse, July. MS
1769 VA Fauquier co. - Appointed Ordinary, May.MS

VA Loudoun co. - Minor Winn & Margaret O'Connor of Fauquier co., sold 358 acres on April 27. MS


VA Fauquier co. - Sold land on April 26.MS

1772 VA Fauquier co. - Residence in Leeds Parish , April 26.3

Minor's Will

From reading the available transcript of Minor's will, we might suppose that in Fauquier county, Virginia, the following occurred while revolution was fomenting:

Note: NEED ACTUAL WILL - Even simple errors (such as formatting) can induce misinterpretations, hard to discover later without access to the a good copy of the original document.



July 31, 1775

Written and signed by Minor and Margaret. Appointed Margaret and Minor (wife and son) executors. Witnessed by :

  • Stephen Tolle (?)
  • Thomas White (?)
  • James Fleming (?)
March 23, 1776

Recorded: Is the recorded date in the heading in ERROR?

Feb 5, 1778

Amended Sick and weak, Minor give what Col. Martin Pickett owed him on some Little River land, to son Minor and addressed the distilling, tool, and hog business he and son Minor were engaged in on Minor's property. Witnessed by:

  • Peter Grant (Susanne's husband)
  • James Winn (son)
  • Hannah Winn (above's wife)
March 23, 1778

Probate obtained by Margaret and Minor (widow and son) the same day Minor died? Witnessed by James and Hannah (son & daughter-in-law), Margaret and Minor (wife and son - Executrix and Executor)

July 27, 1778 Probate recorded
Feb 7, 1789 Authority given by William and Richard to John (all three brothers living then in Fairfield county (SC) authority to settle with Minor, the executor, their interests in their father's estate.

A copy of the will is furnished in the 1931 family history. 1


Minor died on March 23*, 1778, at the ripe old age of 74, in the old house on Rock Hill Farm in Warrenton, Fauquier county, Virginia. 3 He was buried nearby at Leeds Parish. 3

* According to his will, he must have died between February 5 and March 23, 1778.


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