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Minor Confusion

Confusion over Lineage of the Minor Line - Author Unknown

I believe the basis for the John Winn and Elizabeth Minor marriage is that it was known that John Winn married one Elizabeth Minor. This comes from an article title, John Minor of Westmoreland County, Virginia (no author given). It states in part, "It is only known that John Winn married an Elizabeth Minor and because Elizabeth daughter of John Minor (Will of 1698) was the only Elizabeth Minor in that area at that time, she is believed to be the one."

This genealogy begins by saying ''John Minor born in England, believed to be son of Ann and Harry Mynors of Garway, England. Immigrated to Virginia prior to 1627 with his widowed mother, and sister, Jane Kidwalider, wife of John Kidwalider."

The Complete Book of Emigrants, by Peter Coldham, which covers the period between 1607-1660 of Virginia, does not list any Minor (any spelling) having came to Virginia during that period. Neither does it list a Jane and John Kidwalider. It does list (page 465) a Jane and John Kidwillar. Dated 1 Aug 1660. ''The following bound to John Woory, merchant to serve in Nevis, John Kidwillar, yeoman for 5 years. Jane Kidwillar, spinster for 5 years." It is difficult to believe had the Minors been in Virginia prior to 1627 that they would have not showed up in some of the many records covered in this book.

Richard Winn's (son of John Winn and Elizabeth Minor) children were born in Middlesex County. My point is, doesn't it seem possible that Elizabeth Minor could have been the daughter of many of the other Minors in that area of Middlesex? There was a family of Minors who settled there ca 1673.

Ref: John B Minor, The Minor Family of Virginia (1923) In his preface he states, "In an old Bible which belonged to my father Dr. Charles Minor, and which is now in my possession, he wrote the following memorandum in 1853". (And here I will not take word for word--just the high points.) "Dr. Charles Minor and all his kindred are descend from a Dutchman named Doodes Minor who was admitted to full citizenship in 1673 by an act of Assembly found in Hennings Statutes at Large, v.1 308. Along with four other compatriots, Maindort Doodes and his son Doodes Minor were Naturalized by an act of a Grand Assembly, holden in James City the 12 Sept. 1673. They were to have all rights and privileges including those of free traffique and trading that were allowed to any natural b. Englishman of the Colony.

Maindort Doodes made his will in 1677 signed his name Maindort Doodes and named his son as Doodes Minor. There are some who believe Doodes Minor was an Englishman, but if so why should he be naturalized when coming to an English colony as Virginia was at that time. Maindort Doodes, a Dutch Sea Captain.

His will was sealed with his signet ring bearing the impress of a Dutch Ship of the 17th Century. Doodes Minor, who married Elizabeth Cocke, settled on the Rappahannock and its waters in County of Middlesex. He had four sons, Garret Minor, Minor Minor, John Minor, and Peter Minor. Doodes son Peter was apprenticed by his mother Mrs. Elizabeth Minor to a Boston ship Capt John Phillips in 1677. He afterwards ran away from his Master and never came home. A letter from him to his brother Garret, written at Rotterdam, was in possession, I think of the second Garret's son Samuel 0. Minor. I once made a copy of this letter which was burned by a kinswoman, disliking the humble life in which it exhibited her collateral Ancestors. This book traces the desc. of Garrett Minor.

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