Costs are incredibly reasonable and quality is there, always!

The Ancestor-Rescue Approach:

My mission is to save memories not to become rich. My efforts are directed towards expert restoration and ultimate preservation/archival of your memories.

To capture the essential details in portraits accurately and completely requires hard work with understanding of both technology and subject matter. I do only quality work using proven methods and technologies. Your published family information and media should be organized, labeled and handsomely presented in a well-thought-out manner so that others can clearly understand it and take your work forward. To do less is to share artifacts that are simply not suitable as replacements for the originals.

If you're contemplating doing it yourself, read what it takes. In some cases I can train you and work hand-in-hand with you. I'm rewarded if I'm helping you with your ancestors.

I ask only for what it takes to get the job done right. My rates are low or you can opt for payment based either on results or on productive time. I stay within your budget and help you gage all costs beforehand.

Value Considerations:

The value family historical treasures cannot be measured. Before cutting corners, think about the real value in the long run, which is of utmost importance when it comes to your family history.

You might also consider having your history programed into professional presentations with the latest multimedia formats.

Ancestor-Rescue Rates:

You'll never be blind-sided by anything. I get your permission before accumulating any charges even though I tend to get excitedly involved from the start. I can estimate costs beforehand.

For more involved projects, written scope, estimate, and rates will be agreed to beforehand. I help you stay within your budget. My low overhead allows me to provide you with outstanding value at very reasonable cost.

I've learned how to do repairs right. You pay only for services you want. There are no hidden costs. You're pictures are repaired with professional pixel-level techniques.

I maintain the integrity of original photos so intricate details, no matter how small, are dutifully saved. Because each family has different needs, and because we provide a variety of services, it is very difficult to arrive at costs without determining the scope of the project. So talk to me. I don't charge for advice.

You get free advice from someone who lives in the world of electronic graphics, layout, design, and databases. I'll work with you to provide your family something they will all be proud of forever.

If not completely satisfied with the results, there is no charges other than hard expenses.

Write Ancestor-Rescue before your family's heritage is lost or damaged beyond repair. What have you got to loose???

Your family history deserves the attention of someone with tried-and-true experience. This type of experience doesn't come with software.

Photo Restoration:

Photo restoration pricing (color portraits may be more):
$35 Special - Simple repair of most common problems; contrast and levels fixed. Image is printed and prepared for framing. All digital files saved to CD.
$55 Simple Restoration - Cracks are removed and faded areas repaired. Spots are removed from facial area. Contrast and levels optimized. Image is re-sized and prepared for framing. All digital files saved to CD.
$70+ Involved Restoration - Major restoration of damage including intricate detail reconstruction. Spotting removed from entire picture. Contrast and levels set to optimal. Image prepared for framing. All digital files saved to CD.
$20 per hour for additional work as authorized by the customer.
Bulk pricing available for collections.
What is included:
  • One 5x7 print
  • One full-size print-ready digital file
  • One Internet-ready digital file
  • One thumbnail digital file (single person portraits only)
Framing is also provided at reasonable rates.
Now that I've rescued mine, my goal is to rescue YOUR ancestors.--Randy C. Smart