Sample products

Photo Restoration - Professional pixel-level restorations using the best of the latest techniques together with time-honored photographic techniques. These "remastered" "archived" photographs are, in some cases, more valuable than the originals and can be printed anytime.
Voice Recordings - This is one of several digital voice recording I have of my mother, her mother, and her aunts talking about days past.
Ancestor Compass - A one-page overview of your family history, complete with pictures. Excellent for communicating which pictures are "rescued" and which ones you're still trying to locate. It also helps identify unmarked and incorrectly marked pictures stored in your closet.
Family Style Website - A complete web site showing how genealogy can be displayed on-line in an informative, organized and pleasing format. Pictures, voice recordings and movies all provide extra enjoyment.
Family History Website -Wrap the stories of your family around your best surviving pictures in a chronological, interlinked and entertaining website that can be access around the world. It's almost like being there when your anywhere!
Interactive Family History - A rather large file. An old family album is interlinked to provide a fun, educational and entertaining trip through history--very much like the real thing--better in some ways!
Family CD - Your family history, pictures, voices, etc. published on CD. View your family CD on PCs or MACs. An entertaining and exciting (yet serious) way to share your ancestors with family while preserving their memories for future generations.
Newsletter Design & Layout - I can help you publish your professional newsletter once or on a regular on-gong basis. I have extensive experience in design, layout & graphics. Contact Ancestor-Rescue for pricing and schedule. Here is the first newsletter I did. I've come a long way, still I think you'll find my first attempt in 1988 was informative, well-organized, entertaining, etc.
Photo Gallery CD - Up to 100 of your favorite photos, all on one remarkable CD. A "who's who" of your family. Pictures can be artistically displayed with names and other important information. Links make the experience enjoyable and educational.
Online Movies - Although we aren't quite ready to stream video, Ancestor-Rescue can facilitate the display of small video clips. However, until different software makers decide on standard codex, the time is not right--yet.
Digital Interactive Movies - An exciting way to celebrate your ancestors. Use your existing pictures, audio-video tapes, etc. to create artistic presentation of family in ways you never dreamed possible outside of Hollywood.
  NOTE: If you need Acrobat or Shockwave to view some files, here are links to where you can get free software.

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I'll help anyway I can, every step of the way--whatever tasks you cannot do on your own. Now that I've rescued mine, my goal is to rescue YOUR ancestors.--Randy