Publish your Newsletter as a Web Page !


Conversion is:

  • Quick
  • Accurate
  • Easy
  • Inexpensive

Digital Document

Beautiful Website

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Advantages :

  • Family can submit changes in any format while the website reflects current information
  • Changes can be almost instantaneous
  • Family history is easily accessible anytime at any Internet terminal in the world
  • History and pictures are preserved for posterity

Features :

  • Website design and construction services with quick turn-around time
  • Maintenance provided at reasonable costs or instructions and/or training provided
  • Digital files converted from all major software programs with our software
  • We use only the basic proven coding so website maintenance is kept simple

Optional :

  • Editing - Basic editing or changes that enhance the use of text online
  • Research - Build onto your history with additional research
  • Writing - Take full advantage of the medium with professional help
  • Enhanced Designs - Artistic presentations professionally designed
  • Flexibility - Various projects require an approach suitable to the data

Costs :

Projects vary widely. But by far the biggest variable is your data. For those that are ready, the cost can be as little as $100 to construct a basic site from a four-page newsletter including four graphics. Here is how the costs might breakdown:

    • Free estimate
    • $50 initiation fee
    • $40 for 2 hours labor
    • $10 for minor photo work on 2 graphics

You'll find our other costs are equally low-priced. Imagine! Family history online for as little as $100!

Contact :

Randy C. Smart -

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