Photo repair samples (click on the finished picture to see it full-size)

About Graphic:
This was the homestead of the Hand family, who helped settle Nebraska.
Rapidly decomposing from environmental conditions and the fluorides and chlorides from handling. A crisp clean version is obtained by painstakingly rebuilding the pixels of the digital file with an eye for authenticity.
This is the best picture I have of my wife. She died at the age of 34. I restored it and made copies for her children, siblings and parents.
Fading colors, deteriorating definition and spotting. This picture is "going away" after only 25 years. "Rescued" to it's original color and definition before detail was lost.

This 1856 wedding daguerreotype was made in Ireland. It is deteriorating and difficult to see.

Where the original is 2.5 x 3.5, the finished portrait is 5 x 7 inches.

A daguerreotype scanned in color from 4 angles and superimposed into one image. It was tinted with dry toners. Scanned and repaired. Using the colors provided by the original artist, this amazing picture emerged.
Anything can be completely and exactingly repaired if there is enough of the original left--even if falling apart.
This certificate was significant to the family history of a dentist who changed his last name upon graduation. Completely repaired, this heirloom was printed at full size and also digitized for sharing and protection.
I'll help anyway I can, every step of the way--whatever tasks you cannot do on your own. Now that I've rescued mine, my goal is to rescue YOUR ancestors.--Randy