Our services

For the sake of history, Ancestor-Rescue encourages your efforts to preserve your history whether you do-it-yourself or get help. You're welcome to use Ancestor-Rescue services--in whole or in part--for ANY help you need to "rescue" your ancestors. Ancestor-Rescue can provide a wide-range of services from simple scanning to management of large-scale projects. Let us know your project scope and desired results. Ancestor-Rescue may be able to help in ways you can't imagine now.
Starting Small
Since preserving history can be overwhelming, its sometimes best to start small. Ancestor-Rescue can restore and publish your grandparents' pictures on CDs with an attractive label suitable for gift-giving. The cost would be minimal but your rewards could be astronomical! After experiencing these wonderful CDs, your family may want to publish much more--the whole family becoming involved, adding stories as well as other history to the collection(s) to be shared all over the world.
Ready to Roll
If you already have a budget and need results, you've come to the right place. Give me the specifications and the information and let me do most of the hard work for you.
Step Available Ancestor-Rescue Services

1 - Gather

Advice or help for collecting, identifying and prioritizing

2 - Digitize

Instruction or consultation for digital photography (restoring, re-mastering), scanning, data entry, hyperlink/interactivity, programming, etc.

3 - Organize

Hands-on data entry to project management/oversight, including design, layout, graphic interface, etc.

4 - Test

All phases, including interactivity, compatibility, documentation, etc.

5 - Distribute

CD publishing, labeling, mailing, updating (website/distribution)

More Ideas
See our Products or Samples for more ideas.
I'll help anyway I can, every step of the way--whatever tasks you cannot do on your own. Now that I've rescued mine, my goal is to rescue YOUR ancestors.--Randy