Why digital technology to save memories?

Are my ancestors in need of rescue?

If you've ever thought your grandchildren might yearn to know who they are descended from you'll appreciate the priceless value of family memories.

But have you given serious thought to the future of these photos and other memories? Once lost, they're practically impossible to regain. Even the pictures you've located are hard to both protect and share.

Are they aging?

They all age with time--a force that will eventually distort every picture and knickknack you have. If you have easy access to your keepsakes you may have already noticed the deterioration. Maybe you've been lucky enough to have your most important pictures perfectly preserved for many years. Will this luck hold?

Are there other dangers?

What if your home should happen to be in the path of a storm--natural or even "domestic?" There are certainly many real dangers to your memories.

Oh, my piece of mind!

But don't despair! It's possible to save them for your descendants to enjoy. Ancestor-Rescue is helping families preserve and share (rescue) their ancestors, providing them with great peace of mind and certainly a great deal of satisfaction.

What is the solution?

One solution is to preserve your images in digital files. Tastefully designed, organized, properly documented, the entire collection can be published for simple and inexpensive distribution via CD or a website. Look at our samples to see what can be done.

What is digital?

Computer format is a giant step forward in preserving information. Encoded on a hard drive, CD or whatever, information exists as a series of magnetic charges, bumps or any two-state code. There may be different storage devices in the future, but the essence of digital encoding is the same. Computers accurately convert code every day without errors and verify the process every time.

Why digital as a solution?

When re-mastered and properly digitized, your memories can last virtually forever and are easy to share throughout the world. Without wear--without loss or degradation, your files can be copied to just about anywhere.

Real protection

Digital encoding provides outstanding protection from disasters such as fire, flood, death, and divorce--forces that too often deprive a family of its priceless treasures and cherished memories. Since each "copy" is essentially a "master" only one has to survive for your family memories to be quickly and easily redistributed. The odds of your great-grandchildren retaining their family history are vastly increased!

Greater accessibility

In addition to protection, the availability and enjoyment of your family history is greatly enhanced. Pictures and stories can be embedded in e-mail, placed on Internet sites or printed over and over again.

Need help?

If you're serious about saving your memories, Ancestor-Rescue can help--every step of the way or only the specific tasks you request--for four pictures or all your memories.

Together, we can rescue your ancestors!